Makuta (WIP contest entry, need suggestions)

Here’s my entry for the Makuta Contest. I was hoping that I could get some feedback for this MOC before I submit it.

Front shot

Back shot, “wings” down

Shot of weapon, with Tahu and Gali’s masks of Unity and the Mask of Control as trophies on the bottom

Makooti Makuta with staff in hand.

Criticism appreciated, better names also accepted.


I think Makooti is a greta name /s

I think the moc is pretty cool.

This is great, but the white doesn’t really look good on Makuta in my opinion.

I think the lower arms could use a bit more work. They’re too small and need to be covered a bit more, in my opinion. I also think the back should be covered up a little more as well.The Toa masks on the staff look kind of out of place. I know it was on the original, and it’s up to you. Other than that, it looks great! I actually like the mix of colors you have going on.

Yes finally!! A Kraakhan!! Keep it!!
(Maybe make legs taller, idk, I like it)

I love the color scheme and overall shape. No criticism except add some armor to the lower body in front.

I think you might need to extend the neck by 1 unit. Adding a small amount of white to the mata hand in the legs might help a little. The nuva shoulderpads should be angled away from the torso.

Otherwise, I think it’s pretty okay.

I like the color scheme! My advice would be to beef up his legs. They look a little skinny and under armored.

Progress update:

Makooti’s Makuta’s visible changes
-Changed chest plate to Tahnok shield
-Shifted colors around
-Changed lower legs to black

-Curved weapon

-Covered up back with old Kohrak shield

-Added 3rd “feather” to wings

-Using white mata hand on lower legs


I updated the MOC one last time before I finally entered it on [Rebrick.] ({00A66255-0F67-490B-97E3-3FCD9CF12314}&a_id=470e34ba-11dd-4949-a9fc-f16efd9004bf&sortEntry=false) New pictures can be found there.

Tonight, on Hoarders…

(hoping this doesn’t count as a double-post)

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