Makuta Zenora : The corruptor

A makuta that tried to take ove the Mata nui robot. He is known for corrupting others and was destroyed… mabye… when his tower base on Zackass was blown up and colapsed on him.

His weapons are the corruption blaster and the spinning energy claw.


The neck makes me really nostalgic to when I used to MOC. Excellent job as always


Thanks. But what do you mean by used to

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I like the weapons and use of Nuva shoulder arm as a mask. The main things that could use improvement are the colors (I think either the lime green or orange need to be changed,) and the lower body is really skinny in proportion to the rest of the body.

Thanks for the advice

It looks too skinny and simple for my taste

Hey, it’s probably more complicated than some makuta sets. And those sets were skinnier

And at least its head dose not wobble

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That is debatable.

Uh hu… I’ve counted over 60 pieces, which I believe is more than the 2008 makuta sets.

It means he is better now I doesn’t make mocs like that

the 08 makuta used their pieces to better effect than this


Okay, but more parts doesn’t mean complexity. If I made a snake out of a hundred CCBS limb joints entirely, that wouldn’t be complex, that’s just limbs in a row. As well, I would say the '08 Makuta are a bit more cohesive than this. Granted, they were a bit skimpy, but they were probably the highlight of the year. They had a unique function, unique masks, and (usually) unique colours. The build you have presented does appear to lack most of those things. I would say maybe replace the orange with red or black, and maybe drop the lime, or add more of it. Cohesiveness is key.