MakutaFest 2014

Thanks to anyone and everyone who came to MakutaFest! As a viewer, I had a lot of fun listening to the TTV members ramble on about their topics. I look forward to all of the Eljay Mangosteen Fanfiction, and I hope we get as much of a turnout next year as we did this time around. This was my (Petrus) first MakutaFest, and I thought it was the best livestream I’ve listened to. How did you guys feel about it?


All i can say is…



Yes. Perfect. That was MakutaFest 2014 in a nutshell.

WELL, it was certainly an experience, that’s for sure. It was the highest turnout ever, which was pretty fantastic, and all of the fans really made it enjoyable (as always).

That being said, it was plagued with a few technical issues from time to time, and BTS planning was hectic at best. TBH I’m amazed it went as well as it did. Kahi was literally working on the On Air trailer until the end of the show. XD

Thanks to all of you for coming. It was great fun regardless of the issues we had, and I’m glad everybody enjoyed it. Recorded version is coming soon. :smiley:



Can’t wait to see what happens next year!

It was a decent MakutaFest, I came to troll the chat and then I got modded sooo… I got to troll in blue text! Glad to have been able to call in again for a fourth and final year, if MakutaFest continues while I’m gone for the next couple years then my 80% MF attendance rate is going to take a big hit. Either way, I was glad to be there one last time and denied getting prizes for yet another year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, this is mostly for me to look back on because digging it up over and over again is tough, but for whoever else wants to hear it,
My call in for 2011
And for 2012
Aaaaand for 2013
EDIT: and here’s my final call in, from this year

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You guys should have seen the Behind-the-Scenes rush. My god, that was down to the wire. That trailer getting done last minute was literally last minute, because it turns out the one uploaded prior had the audio cut out at the last second. It wasn’t even finished rendering when I joined the call; that’s how last minute this was. =P

But it sure sounded fun, from the last half hour I’ve heard. Hope to see the full recording once it goes up! Hope you guys also had fun with it!

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This was my first time attending MakutaFest (a.k.a. MakutaFeet) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve always liked listening to the recordings before, but it was even better live. The conversation was entertaining and (mostly) relevant. Plus, we got lots of new jokes out of it. Also:

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Augh I’m sad I missed it. Hopefully there’ll be a recording uploaded so I can imagine I was there.

I just wanted to point it out, that this is why all the Shrek jokes even started on stream…

edit: (it seemed to have goofed so uh, there’s a link to the main thing, but I’m referring to around 1:08:41 in chat)