Makutafest 2016 Moc Contest Entry: Mask Maker Forge, Mask Rack, and Forge Fern

The typical tools that a maskmaker would need. A forge, a mask, and the forge fern. These plants absorbe excess heat and transforms it into leaves that are useful for tinder, and produces a cooling sap that soothes burns.


Oh wow

D: oh dear


Did anybody else scramble to get their peices to where they were listening to the livestream? There’s a mess in my kitchen now.


i love ho you simulated the fire

luckally I have everything sorted in bins.

@Mechmaster Thank You! Really just chucked a bunch of clear in it.

@Darknova3529 It’s all sorted, It’s just that I had to bring it all down stairs from the desk I usually work at. It was probably a pretty comical sight.


I can imagine xD.

I trew all my parts on my bed because I was rushing to make my creation.

So Ekimu has had the mask of control this whole time? Totally evil…


looks really cool… gasp, is that… the Morbuzakh?

as someone who didn’t watch the livestream, I have no idea what’s going on. Could you fill me in?

Hehe… :slight_smile: I didn’t have enough neutral masks to display. I really just grabbed what looked good.

@TheRed1s Thanks! They’re doing a moc contest during the livestream. The theme is structures and plants. It had to be built while the stream is running. Methinks that I may have rushed too much to finish it. I could have spent a little more time.


out of curiosity, what how much time is left?

also are LDD builds accepted?

Nevermind, found out. I probably won’t join. thanks anyway.

@TheRed1s I don’t know. Maybe another half an hour to and hour? I’m not sure about LDD either. It has to be technic/bionicle/ccbs. They may accept it if it only uses actual color parts. The safe option would be a physical model.

oh my gosh I love it… that mask stand…

Thank You! It was the first thing built, and it inspired the rest of the builds here.

your wlcome it looks fantastic

Woah. This is quite a fantastic MOC! I love the Forge and Rack, and how you used some solid technic builds and colors.

@MaskmakerOfLight Thank You!


This is extremely impressive.

@Hutere Thank You!