MakutaFest 2016Moc: Deadly, Mutant Venus-Mangosteen Trap

This is a vine of a Venus Flytrap, Mangosteen Hybrid plant that is one of the most vicious of plants, being able to not only consume prey and grow mangosteen, but can also occasionally grow carnivorous mangosteen fruits. It also has leaves that are really sharp.


Eljay’s bane, just add more pins. Nice uses of different elements, but the color scheme is a bit off.


Yeah, I’m actually aware of the color scheme. This was just my best attempt at making something look cool, yet build it in such a short amount of time. Plus, I don’t have very many constraction sets. The only ones I have are the 2001 Turaga, the Toa Mata (excluding Onua and Pohatu), Pahrak, Zaktan, Axxon, Brutaka, Vezon and Fenrak (all three of which are currently combined into Vezon and Kardas, that I can’t take apart, due to pieces breaking if I try to remove them (already lost 3 Brutaka limbs, one of which was from trying to attach it when I was building Kardas)), Dragonbolt, Splitter Beast, Crystal Beast, Breeze’s Flea Machine, Stormer and Rocka’s Combat Machine, the 2013 Chima Ultra-builds(minus Gorzan), all of 2015 Bionicle, the Commander Cody set, and only Lewa, Uxar, and Terak from 2016 Bionicle. I also had several pieces missing from some of the sets, like the ones that make up Kardas( which I bought as used, off of Bricklink, with only Axxon having all of his parts), Skull Scorpio, and LOSS is currently missing 2 of his right legs.

So I was very limited on the amount of parts that I could use for the build. I was even debating on using Zaktan’s spine piece as thorns on the build. But overall, I tried to leave as little open ball joints as I could so that I had a nice, spiked vine

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