Makuta's Mask Concept (Updated)

Here’s a quick concept sketch I did of Makuta’s mask, should he appear in physical form. It’s meant to be a combination of elements from the Kraakahn and Mask of Control. Tell me what you think!



The Nords would approve.


My gosh that thing looks sick! But yeah, I hadn’t intended any resemblance though.

It reminds me of this, if the horns pointed down rather than up.


Nordic Vladek.

Doesn’t feel Makuta to me.

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I like it, but do you think you could leave the mouth area open to match the toa concepts?

I feel like this looks more sinister. I’ve always imagined Makuta as a quiet villain. I may try it though.

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Yeah I could see that

This looks awesome! One question, though:

I feel like that would draw a bit more inspiration from the Kraakahn and make it feel more Makuta-esque.

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Hey thanks! Actually, it’s meant to be black, I probably should have said that. I went with gray in the drawing just because whenever I try to shade an entire thing black, it turns out messy.

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I really like it, but it needs more gold.

Ok, so I made a second design.

This is pretty much a dark colored, battle-damaged version of TTV’s Tahu mask design. It’s meant to evoke the feel of the classic infected Hau, as well as look like it’s been constantly worn by someone who creates and trains savage rahi.


This could be use for his matoran form.

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This is very nice. I like the Viking-esque look it has going on.

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