Makuta's memoir

I wrote this in a reverie at about 4:00 in the morning a couple of nights ago. It's kind of a memoir thing about Makuta making assumptions about his brother and thus descending into madness. Or perhaps it's the truth that we have been led to ignore...

I thought it was halfway decent and decided to share it.

"I'm off!" shouted Ekimu. "While the villagers revere us today, we musn't rest on our laurels. These Golden masks will be the key to our mark on the future." The cyan and blue clad mask maker strolled out of the lodge and took to the serpentine path that lay between his dwelling and the forge.

"Best of luck forging, brother!" Makuta called out behind him. The good humored reply from his sibling filled Ekimu with confidence. This next mask would be perfect.

Back in the lodge Makuta reclined before the hearth, his mind ablaze with ponderous thoughts. "The key to our future" mused the mask maker at rest. Our future? Our? Why is Ekimu pulling the payload for both of us? Makuta was suddenly guilt-struck. He had given little thought to his brother's project until just recently, but ever since he caught word of the sheer elemental power his brother had put into it, it had all-but consumed his mind.

Makuta clenched an orb of jungle energy sitting on the table beside him

He had not seen, much less forged any of the golden masks in question, yet they were somehow vital to his legacy? Makuta decided definitively that he wanted to take part in their creation. After all, Ekimu could at least use an extra pair of hands...

The orb in his hand began to form a small helix of neon green energy. It twisted itself into the shape of a small, glowing plant.

Yet Ekimu's actions didn't convey openness in the slightest. No, it's almost as though he's shutting me out... Makuta thought back to Ekimu's statement about legacy. "Our mark?" He shouted impulsively, "What mark of mine!?"

The helix of jungle energy began to spin more rapidly

Ekimu is doing the work in order to leave the larger footprint! How could Makuta have been so blind? The truth had struck him like a hammer to the face. Down the line, Ekimu would be worshiped as the bestower of all power. He would be seen as the noble mask maker who had selflessly slaved over his creations just to benefit future generations. A being so benevolent that he would burn countless hours and riches for people that he wouldn't even live to meet. And what would that make Makuta? The obscure brother of the glorious mask maker? The smith of display case relics? That cunning swindler would have his name all over history at the expense of mine!

What was once an organic, plantlike, helix was now a mad tornado spewing detritus about the room

Now that he was aware of his brother's treachery, Makuta needed to thwart Ekimus ill found, yet impending success. His realization had dawned too late; Ekimu held all the cards. All, that is, but one... Even yet, there was something about breaking a sacred agreement that could overshadow Ekimu's golden masks. Something so dangerous that he wouldn't dare attempt. Something that can change the course of history forever...


Very interesting perspective on the story. Nice job.

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This is pretty good. Great job!

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This is awesome! good work man!

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whoa, me gusta I always like looking at things from a villain's perspective

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I quite enjoy this....


This is a very interesting take on Makuta's fall; I like it!


Love how you used that jungle orb helix to visually show Makuta's emotions throughout his mental rant.