MakutaTexxidos' MOC topic

all “kool” kids have these…speaking of cool, here are some shots of my random MOCs which don’t have any purpose as of now.


Grank (left) Spindrakx (right)

Neutral pose

they are kinda bad-looking, but hey…they are both Table-scraps made from two Umaraks and whatever I had around. :stuck_out_tongue: I wanted to build something bug-like with Grank being inspired by bumblebee and Spindrakx by spider…given how simple they were to make, I might make one or two bugs like these.


Grank looks pretty neat. Spindrakx’s gold mask bothers me to no end.

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Yeah but they’re dead.

Who cares? They still have them and the little brat in me wanted one too. edit: /s

So you made this topic to try to be like the cool older members, but failed to realize they’ve long since moved on.

I find this amusing.

I should have put /s behind my post…don’t take that seriously tho. PS: Don’t be such a saltlord.


Pretty good, the gaps are a little too big though.

Eh, one seems to have strange armoring and the other has unnecessary technic greebles.

Grank looks alright, but it could use some more Metru green

Spindrakx looks really well done, but the mask looks odd with the rest of the colours.

I like them, though they feel a tad over-greebled (in Spindraxx’s case) and their masks don’t quite work (mostly Grak).

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Group shot of most of the MOCs I made since I joined the boards. Most of them you might know, through there are several that you don’t.

From left to right, from bottom to top. Skull Spider Queen, Matoran Paka, Kopaka Nuva, Garnak the Twice Betrayed, Dermie the Insanely cute and lazily built Dermis Turtle, Spinderakx, Makuta Texxidos, Arkantrasz the Corruptor.


Bad… I think you mean bad***!