Malakai (Self moc)

So here is my first moc in 5 years. Quite a lot of modifications were made to get to this point, and I am happy with how it turned out. stuck_out_tongue

The moc itself was loosly based off the character Xan Kriegor from Unreal Tournament.

Constructive critisism welcome, and hopefully I will be able to post instructions for anybody interested.


the bulk...

interesting moc, I like him


agreed... he is some kind of massive

Uh......he looks like JMP's pecs flew off of his body and possessed Vultraz.

Nice MOC!


Very creative! smile

Very nice. I especially like the attention given to the "suit-of-armor" aspect of the model

Its... bulky

Very nice. It manages the bulky look pretty well imo.

Hey look, my gif @Middlefingerstudios stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye


Looks like I'm not the only scope wearer around here.

@Hawkflight will love this MOC

But yeah, I've seen this MOC around here before. Pretty legit. +1

1 Like much silver. looks too cluttered. needs more black and red. too much red and black. overused color scheme. the arms are too long. to many colors. needs more colors. the vultraz mask ruins the MOC. the textures do not work.


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I'm glad I noticed the /s before burning it in shame. stuck_out_tongue

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lol. well..... @Hawkflight would not out that there.

I can find one of Raptor's critiques that I agree with. (Hint: It has nothing to do with color schemes)

Those feet are beautiful...

"Arms are too long"



But now they're stubby and too short!

I see you've swapped out the silver Kakamas on the shoulders for silver Pakaris.

Nice job!

They are stubby and too short, as well as skinny and they need more silver. speaking of silver, the multiple shades throw off the MOCs horrible balance.


Welp, that's two fires gone to waste.