Maleko's Bionicle 2015 MOCs

I made the shoulders more broad and gave him weapons. A fire spear and a shield that doubles as a throwable disk. I based his design off of the Earth Protector.


Please just keep things like this in one topic, okay? Thank you.

Pretty good, the weapons make sense to the classic Jaller. :smiley:

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I was thinking a bout doing something like this. Any way looks pretty good!

Will do, and thanks.


And there’s more where that came from.

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Hewkii looks a little awkward from a side view and has a simpler weapon (basically Pohatu’s dagger), but I still thought he looked good. I apologize for the open ball joints, but it was either that or an inconsistent color scheme for I had no small armor pieces that were brown. As soon as I buy Onua, I’ll start on Hafu.



Now you need to make a Maku. The PoW mask would fit rather well, in my opinion.

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I guess that’ll have to do since there’s no Huna. I’m actually working on my self-moc. As soon as I get the PoW, I’ll begin building Maku.

I went ahead and made a Gukko bird.

I decided to start making Rahi MOCs, so I started with the Gukko bird.

For Ussal Crab fans:

Dikapi with function:

The wings move as the head turns, like in 2001. Enjoy!


Very awesome Rahi.

Those Rahi are impressive. I like the ussal crab the most.

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With the colors of the crab, and the pieces its made of, I can’'t help but think Fikou.

All of these are nice looking regardless.

These mocs are pure perfection and do 2001 justice. Can’t wait till you build macku, she’s my favorite character from 01.

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I made Takua, Nuhrii, and Kapura as fire villagers.

Nuhrii’s scheme is a little broken because of PoE mask being purple. I’m not sure about Kapura’s transparent pieces.
I also decided to change Skull Scorpio a little. I made the legs posable by using a design similar to the Nui-Jaga. The tail design was from Logan McOwen on BZPower.


The miniature rah I MOCs are really good.

Built some Stone Village Sentries and Bingzak from the book.

I also made combiners for the smaller Toa since it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting them anytime soon, so here’s Pohatu.

I sort of took some inspiration from 2008 when designing him, and I think it turned out pretty good. Now he can hover through the desert. I also tried to make it an actual combiner instead of swapping armor and weapons.


Sorry for double posting, there was no edit button.

I haven’t made a moc in a while and finally decided to make one since I was bored.

This is a Kor Warrior (Kor is basically Rok backwards). I wanted to see what a Skrall or Skrall-like character would look like in G2. I tried to make the color scheme work and even added a tail so I could add more white spikes to even out white as an accent. I also used the Skrall piece on the legs as well.

I apologize for the lack of a gearbox. I would like to see something like the Kor in G2, but maybe when the line is extended and not as soon as 2017. I like the idea of a militaristic race in the Bionicle world. This will probably also be a template for further versions of the Kor species.


It’s actually okay to double post when it comes to updating a creative content post. You’re good. :smiley:

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Ok, thank you.

More variants for the Kor. This is starting to become a favorite design of mine.

First, the Kor Sword-Maiden.

Then the Kor Shield-Brother.

Let me know what you guys think, maybe some suggestions or ideas.


brother and sister eh? Interesting