Maleko's Bionicle Sketches

So, along with the attempt at very basic animation, I thought to myself: “How can I contribute to the Bionicle fanbase more?” Well, what better way to do so than to sketch some Toa? Of course, the sketches won’t be set accurate, but more of my own little twist on what the story of Bionicle would look like. So, I decided to start with Onua pondering about life before battle (like all people do):

It doesn’t seem like much now, but I am proud of how well the head turned out. I also like the idea of the Toa gaining tattoos for their feats in battle, like in Avatar or Filipino culture (I think). I am going to add a bit of a 2015 aesthetic to his armor and even plan to add a little homage to his 2001 form soon. It isn’t quite finished at the moment, but, as always, let me know how I’m doing.


Looks awesome so far, can’t wait to see it finished! :slight_smile:

That mask sketch is beautiful :stuck_out_tongue:

This looks beautiful!

I’m excited to see how it looks when it’s finished!

I am getting excited for how this will look finished. This is my design for Onua’s armor:

I’ll try to finish the sketch by tonight.


This drawing looks really good. Nice job

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Similar to the Tattoo levelling system in Farcry 3

This does look really cool :smiley:

This is looking very awesome so far!

It’s getting better. I think I should edit that lower arm piece to make it less round and narrow. Also planning to make the left arm bare instead of covered. I also like mixing robotic elements and armor with cloth/fabric. Maybe I’ll add the cloth from the polybag as a sash or an equivalent of Destiny’s Titan Mark. Anyways, progress so far:

I also want to hear from you guys whether or not I should add Okotan sentries in the background, maybe getting ready to fight, arming themselves, etc.


With the concept Mask
It just looks like he is holding Bards mask

Well, I wasn’t able to finish it tonight, but I’ll try to work on it during the weekend if schoolwork doesn’t keep me too busy. I’m surprised on how well the hands turned out since I’m usually horrible with them (hence the reason my drawings are usually from the shoulders up).


I am getting far cry 3 vibes
nice job by the way


I thought I was the only one, who got those vibes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think I’m pretty much done with Onua, but I still want to add some background characters like some Onu-Kotan Warriors based off the matoran from the MNOG games.

Coloring and shading should be fun, too.


what made you think that?

Also @Toa_Maleko will you be doing Commisions and Requests?

I’m not sure if I could. I’m not really in a position to take on a bunch of requests or receive money for my drawings. I would like to hear any suggestions and maybe sketch them when I can, I just worry about too many requests or just not being able to do any drawings. Really, this was something I felt like doing for no particular reason and wanted to see what other people think.

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all Requests are free on the Boards @Toa_Maleko
since It could be seen as Advertisement by asking for Money

But I really want to see a League of Legends Drawing

wow this is really good :smile:
can’t wait to see more

Working on another Sketch finally! This time, I’m going to see what unique style I can use to draw Nilkuu.

I’m thinking of making a cloak of some kind for him with a nice pattern.

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