Malgamate Revamp

This is the new malgamate, he used to be two people, but one caught “ghoto” a sickness that is not known when caught, until you touch another person, you both will fuse and melt into each other


Changed Category - BioSquire

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A little messy looking, but I like the split in two function!

Still kinda messy, but much better.

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Edited title for capitalization - that maid who cleans up titles

Hi! Welcome to the boards! I think that the MOC is defiantly better then before, and the quality of photo is clearer. The splitting function is defiantly unique. In order to get more parts for Mocs, I would recommend placing a bricklink order if you are just looking to build MOCs. Happy boarding!

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Its definetly better than the first
And I do like the splitting function, though it still looks a little busy
Other than that I like it

looks much better and cohesive

This one has a much better color scheme, and that separating function is cool. Although it does look odd when they slip together.