Malor, the Evil Bad Guy(I Don't Know How to Explain Him)


Basically He was the great spirit that had originally controlled the spherus magna robot, blah blah blah, somehow got down to okoto(can't explain this yet), and now is a giant creature that is similar in powers to Spider-Man's venom. Oh, he can also absorb bones and flesh to make himself larger.

Comparison to my pohatu revamp.
And here he is fighting a small army of villagers.
Aerial view.

In total Malor is over 3 feet long, uses at least 200 bone pieces, and is the weirdest MOCing method I have ever used.


This looks great, I think that you chose the right head!

if only I had that many hero factory limbs :sob:



who would win in a battle my giant or Malor?

I read the title as Mario, the Evil Bad Guy!
Good MOC, I like the whole skeletal/Venom feel.

Really love the whole look of the MOC, I definitely get a void form Makuta vibe with the tentacles and such.

It looks like a box of CCBS came to life in venom symbiote way, love that tail

One question.. do you know Maniamac1613 or the MOC Zaries ? Because your MOC in the front looks very similar to it.

But a good MOC ^^

Very nice, certainly unusual.

Don't get me wrong, it looks freaking awesome, but it's just a bunch of CCBS limbs.

Wow I have always wanted to make a MOC using then normal bone pieces and yours takes the cake! Great job! 9/10 cause I think he could use a couple more tentacles 😉

Probably your Titan, Malor relies on physical strength alone. I have a tendency to make my MOCs severely underpowered XD

That's all it takes sometimes, you certainly couldn't do this with normal BIONICLE limbs. (I've tried)

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Sup bro, give this topic a read. :slight_smile:

I read the title as Malon, the Evil Bad Guy:

This MOC looks very cluttered, which in this case works very well. It reminds me a bit of Makuta's swirling part vortex form in MNOG.



At first I was like: Isn't this a little messy? But then I saw the part where it kept adding to itself and was like: Oh, it supposed to be like that.

Great MOC by the way.

looks like venom from spoder man 3

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yeah it is Zaries from Maniamac 1613. I didn't have von nebulas black and blue pads but I have the pieces in red/orange so I swapped the blue bits out for the red/orange bits.

So basicly my Zaries is a fire Zaries

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This is very nice! :grinning:

Wasn't meant to be negative.. this MOC is awesome ^^