Malzak the manifestation of the void


Malzak was one the EL (elemental lord) of fire. The EL managed to control the energized protodermis in Iconox. Soon he tried tapping into the power however multiple things happened to him. His body split in 2 creating Malzak and Taraki. These 2 immediately started to fight. They caused so much destruction that the great beings were forced to split their bodies and their ethereal forms and locked them both in the MU (matoran universe). They would soon be revived again by others seeking to take over the MU. (NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT THE WHOLE BIO AS THERE IS A LOT OF STUFF IN MY SERIES I WILL HAVE TO REVEAL; SO IF THERE ARE ANY PLOT HOLES IN MY STORY JUST KNOW THEY WILL BE FIXED.)

Weapons Malzak carried 2 weapons Thy Malice was a devastating sword forged from proto-steel The axe of fury was weapon malzak used to get rid of large areas in short amount of time He has 2 void blasters which he can use to blast void energy through.

Powers Malzak controls the void and can thus use it to his desires. The void is a very unknown source if energy in the bionicle universe so very little is known about the extent of it powers. His new body wore the mask of twilight. How he obtains it is unknown (will be explained in the series).

Chest opens up to reveal…

The chains of the void
This is what keeps him tied to this reality

Axe of fury

Thy malice


Yeah you will notice some pictures here and on my youtube video that weren’t on moc pages. That’s cuz mocpages wouldn’t except them for some reason.

Btw there is A LOT of work I need to do on this moc, but this is basically what he will look like in my series.

Any constructive criticism is appreciated.

Cheak this link if you want to see more pictures of Malzak:

or youtube:


It looks pretty nice. However, the fact that all of the arms are connected by just one axle is a little off-putting, and kinda destroys the rest of the MOC’s appearance. Aside from that, this is one of the better MOCs of this size that I’ve seen.

Gun hand = Best hand


Its kinda awkwardly proportioned, and we don’t get a shot of the legs.

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Basically what everyone said I would imply 10-fold.

But other than that - this moc is pretty cool.

7 atta 10

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@AwesomeJoel27 watch the video

Not a bad moc

+consistent coloir scheme
+some nice designs
+lots of weapons
+good for its scale
-weapons seems lacking
-awkward proportions
-some designs aren’t fantastic
-over cluttered
-large gaps in armour make it spindly in some places
-blue pins :angry:

4/10 :disappointed:


Nice MOC.

The name is 2 fancy 4 me.

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I do not think those are a con when the build is not aiming to look human or natural.

Same goes for blue pins - they are there just because there is a very slim chance of getting grey/Black ones these days

@MakutaTexxidos That was a poor choice of words, I mean things such as how the arms connect etc, give him awkward gaps

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The arm connection is very, very awkward, but otherwise, this is solid.

Not really a fan of the shoulders, could be fixed with some armor to cover up the link.

Yea Ill figure out those things once i finish up with the other things i want to change with him.
I think adding some system parts into him should make him look much more better.

Criticism was much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Do bare in mind I’m overly critical

@Irrie Could you explain more on what you’re trying to tell me because I dont quite understand what you mean. Do yo mean that the arms being connected by one axle is awkward or do you mean they are just connected to the axle is what detracts from the total look. Or do you mean something else because its kinda confusing.

@king328 Be that as it may it will help me as a mocer become much better.

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This MOC is pretty good, the only problem with this (in my opinion) is that there is no picture of the legs. Besides that, this is great. 9.5/10

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You can see them very clearly on the video

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I mean the connection point between the arm and the torso looks awkward because of how small it is compared to the surrounding area.

Aaah I see. I will figure something out about that 2 while I update him.

@Toa_Distraxx Got some leg pictures now due to the amount of people asking for it.

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Not a fan of the limbs, they look disfigured and don’t blend in well. He also looks a tad bit generic.

I feel the shoulders are a bit awkward but apart from that pretty good

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