MAM unit

Yeah so these are the bad guys for that new story i’m making
(yes, i know you’re all thinking ‘‘another one?!’’)

in short they’re a bunch of failed cyborgs who escaped and stuff

again C&C is appreciated n etc


Are the arms fragile?

they keep disconnecting here:

but otherwise not really

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Are those intestines?

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Huh. I thought they would disconnect on the upper arm.

actually yeah
because as i said they’re

so yknow

nah that holds pretty well


I second this

The MOC itself looks pretty cool. I like the little accessories it has.

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Really good stuff, I particularity like the use of those car fenders

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Very nice. The added scuff marks on the armor give it a much more interesting appearance.

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I really like the paint job-or maybe it’s dirt on this guy.

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Looks nice

but kinda boring tbh, it’s most connected geometric shapes in grey.

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Now all we need is a SIR unit /s

Great job as always Ghosty


I was making a joke about sir and ma’am/madam

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I like the way the gray pieces faded.

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He’s actually a pretty cool looking cyborg.

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also just to clarify in the intestines thing
like these aren’t literally just real intestines just kind of hanging there
they’re artificial,made in laboratories and everything
and they’re actually tubes with the intestines inside them so they’re not completely exposed cause that’d be disgusting as heck

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