Mamun - The Immovable

3 years and several rebuilds since the first WiP photo, the second member of the set of MOCs I had built in 2012 is here. Mamun (originally just named “The Destroyer” in 2012 because names weren’t my forte) is the largest of the group. He is not skilled at fighting, and is extremely heavy handed, but when he hits, he hits hard, and ha can most definitely take a few hits before going down.


Surely is immovable! This is so tough! I like how the Evo helmet goes there, it makes me feel it’s in some kind of a suit!

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Wow! This guys is very unique, and does it quite well!

I get it.

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I knew this would happen when I wrote it…


Everything about this guys is great, but that neck area tho, pure perfection.

This reminds me a lot of omega supreme with how you built the claw arms

This looks awesome! Great use of construction pieces.

You sir need to teach us your secrets.

Those lower legs are great. They really add to the heavy look of this guy