Man at Arms/ Man at Arms: Reforged

Oh yeah, that show on the AWE me channel. stuck_out_tongue

For those uninformed, Man at Arms is an internet show where professional blacksmiths hand forge viewer requested swords, katanas, armour sets, helmets, shields, spears, etc.

Of course, most of the time the swords are from anime or video games. stuck_out_tongue

Here is some examples of the work they've done so far:

There's many more, but I don't want this to be a page full of videos. XD

Anyways, if you've seen the show, which build was your favourite? What sword/ weapon would you like to see them make?

I would personally love to see them make something Bionicle related, but that's probably just me. stuck_out_tongue


I love them already

Yeah, that one was pretty awesome! ^-^ I really geeked out when I saw that they'd made the Sword of Power from He-Man. XD

I would enjoy watching them if they didn't give me unskippable ads every time I try to watch. But still,

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Man at Arms is easy to watch and utterly pointless.

Just finished watching it, good lord that thing is massive!!! O.O

Also, though I love the built, it still irks me that they misspelled the name of the sword in the title:

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I saw some of these before (I know I saw the Legend of Zelda swords, Falchion, and Captain America's shield). Pretty epic.

This one made me really happy.


They're both cool, but I think I like the original more than reforged.


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I preferred the old guy.The new crew started with just doing weird fan-fusion weapons. It really put me off, so I just waited till a normal recreation came up.
I really like watching the forging process. It's really cool watching it all come together.
(fire and sparks!!)

This channel is one of the reasons I'm going into the metalworking field after college