Managu forger of fire and ice

Born and raised in the region of ice with his mother and father where one is from the region of ice and the other one from region of fire which he has a mix of personality of both regions having a cool and calm from his mother and has the confidence and arrogance of his father.
Managu at a young age had the dream of becoming a master blacksmith like his mother the legacy he keeps alive through the family generation .
10 years later Managu has mastered his craft of blacksmithing and erring a job in the mask maker city hired by ekimu the mask maker which they came close friends throughout the years to come
Throughout Managu’s will help out repairing and making new weapons and gear for the people of Okoto as a honourable man in his home island of Okoto

(Powers and tools)
Managu’s hammer the malahtar hammer works both as a tool for crafting tools and weapons and can work a weapon to project himself from foes


looks cool!