Mangai trio update May 2023

A few updates to my take on the Mangai trio for “Tuyet’s Regime”

For Lhikan, it was the addition of some black parts. switching out his red legs for black and putting red plating over it. Also decided to bulk out his back some with black pieces.

For Tuyet I built her a new sword. The old piece I was using went back to Titan Takanuva and I haven’t been able to get a new one. I think this new one curves better with her armor anyway.

Nidhiki probably took the most drastic change. My old versions either felt too bulky or too small to go well with the other two. I think here I found a nice balance, silver armor for the torso and legs, bare green arms to give him a “bare arms” look. Also I finally got my hands on some green legs for him.

And their backs. Lhikan with some extra armor and the other two with their adornments as Empress and Champion.
until next time, hope you enjoy.


Hmm, honestly I’m not sold on the red leg pieces over the black legs for Lhikan. They look rather obtrusive to me. I dunno if Metru red Skrall armor pieces would really go with his aesthetic, but they might be good pieces to experiment with if you want to/can get your hands on them.

The others look good. I think Nidhiki is my favorite of the three. He’s a good balance of detailed and streamlined, and the back-blades and scythe are great accessories.


Ive gotta agree with @MooCowsRock on lihkan’s legs. at first I didnt notice it other than something was off, but after figuring it out, it just sticks out too far forward, and that bottom ball joint especially doesent look good


nice updates - they look cool!


The Lhikan shins work – from some angles
Take this pic for example


The right one (his right, not ours) feels like a natural extension of the leg, while the left one, you can see the annoying gap in front of the knee.


getting his plating is probably going to be a constant struggle for me. I’ll probably try red visorak legs at some point. It comes down to luck for me since I get my parts from a trade in shop


Possibly reversing the Rakhshi legs and keeping the Metru legs facing the same way would fix this issue. It would make them look more natural by filling some of the gaps.