Mantax Armor - misprint?

Some years ago I got this piece from friend. I never had Mantax before, so I thought it is normal, but years later I just got another ones and I saw something’s wrong. This misprint(?) looks like Mantax’ shoulder armor was made in Carapar’s armor style - first color (black) normal, and second one (silver?) in transparent. So here it is - black/milky-white Mantax’ armor. It is 100% original LEGO, it has LEGO sign in correct place. Here are some pics of this piece (right one) and one in use in pretty old MOC , maybe not the best shots, but You can see the difference. Does anybody has this piece, too? Or knows something about that?


This pretty much happens to all “marble” melding molds, I own Mantax as a set and I can confirm that the 2 armor pieces aren’t exactly the same.

However it’s not common for the mold to have a slightly trans-clear at the bottom and fully black from the top from my experience.


I think this is an example of the more “random” blending. The 2016 Golden Masks of Unity were also this way.

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I understand the other ways of colour proportions, but this is pretty weird. It’s not silver blended with black or silver in other hue - it’s completely different colour - milky white, like in Krika’s weapons. It’s hard to catch it in photo. I have about seven normal Mantax armors and this one, it’s completely different.