Marajó is the spirit of insanity. It is said that those who look into its eyes go under its control, and become mad.

Sorry for the lighting… I need to work on it.

Hey, I’m not dead!

So, I hope the inspiration for this moc should be apparent. It’s inspired by two creatures in the Legend of Zelda series: Majora from… Majora’s Mask, and the shadow beasts from Twilight Princess (which, in my opinion, is a better game). The head is meant to be a mix of the mask and a little bit of the faces of the shadow beasts, and the rest was just made around the creepy vibe of the head and the stature of the beasts. It’s supposed to be mostly on all fours, but I can’t pose it properly like that :\

Shadow beast ^

Majora’s mask ^

Also why do people hate Skyward Sword? It’s a great game


I don’t know. I really enjoyed it myself, so I can’t really understand what everyone else is complaining about.

Anyways, I like the MOC! Interestingly enough I unconsciously associated it with the shadow creatures from TP when I first saw and only realized the fact when you pointed it out. I also like how you implemented Storm Beast’s hands, but actually made them look good.

Nice, I’m playing through tpHD right now, and this moc is adequately triggering me.

Master, your Wii remotes batteries are running low.
Master, your Wii remotes batteries are running low.
Master, your Wii remotes batteries are running low.
Master, your Wii remotes batteries are running low.
Master, your Wii remotes batteries are running low.

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I find myself reminded of Dagoth Ur

Is the title meant to say “Marajo”?

The moc doesn’t look to bad, kinda simple but I like it.

Very unique. I love it.

Then… replace them. It’s not that hard. Or get a rechargeable ones

I see it

Not enough characters, so I added an o. But yes, it is.


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Completely agreed. That game was amazing. (although i like Twilight Princess more)

As for the MOC, it’s pretty good. I can definitely see the inspiration from the shadow beasts. I also like the concept, the “spirit of insanity” backstory carries over into the MOC nicely.


It’s more fi in general that people hate, that was just a common example.

Yeah noticed that as soon as I saw it, its kinda awkward is some areas such as the upper arms and lower legs but its alright.

The motion controls were difficult to use, and the game holds your hand for about 2 hours half of which is dialogue you’re skipping past.


I originally wanted to make a really similar small Majora’s Mask, but I gave up on that and tried to make my own thing. As for the spirit of insanity thing… Iunno.
I wanted to make a moc with studs for eyes after seeing @BlackboltJohnson’s Nindzya and how creepy a vibe the first picture gave me. (btw , blackbolt, I loved the head)

Same. Though I haven’t played the remake yet. I’m guessing it’s on the Wii U, and I don’t have one of those.

Fi I partly understand. She gets annoying at times, but it’s never that bad. As for the motion controls… I still don’t get it. I think they work just fine. Yeah, it gets annoying at times, but it’s never close to a dealbreaker.
As for the holding your hand part… I can agree with. It definitely does that for the first couple dungeons. Still, you can’t say that most other Zelda games don’t hold your hand. I admit not to the extent that SS does, but they do.

Except for those cutscenes when you blow something up… or open a door… and the camera acknowleges it, and then takes an extra 5 seconds to zoom in on the thing you unveiled, like I KNOW THERE’S SOMETHING THERE, YOU DON’T HAVE TO SHOW ME YOU STUPID… STUPID GAME

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Looks alright


well ok then

Y-you too…?

Its just that you are basing things on two designs that both have intricate detail and only the Bohrok piece, crystal piece and leg armour on the sides actually has any details on them…

The chest pieces being on the side of the legs leaves them open from the front similar to how the Bohrok upper should armour doesnt really cover anything. The creepy part of shadow beasts to me was the organic body matched with the non-organic face hiding whatever was undernearth. Meanwhile the Majora’s mask is creepy because its supposeed to be non-organic but looks organic.

It looks pretty nice. The head is by far my favorite part. But I think the crystal armor on the lower torso should be the trans neon-green variety (did you just not have another one?), and the lower legs + upper arms need better armoring.

Also I totally agree on skyward sword, loved that game. I should totally replay it sometime, but the silent hill realms make me think twice :sweat_smile:

I really like this MOC a lot. I definitely could see the Legend of Zelda influences. Great work! :smile:

I was just going for an “inspired by” kinda thing, ya know?

Yeah, I get that. For the legs, I didn’t really have anything else in mind, and I just really wanted to use the bohrok shields for armor on the arms. :
It looks better irl tho

Again, not really trying to copy them… in fact, the whole moc was just based around the head. I’d have just posted the head if I was any lazier

Pohatu Uniter only has 2 :>


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