Map of Mata-Nui (MNOG)

Hey guys, 2 nights ago I did a bit of work for re-routing some MNOG areas for a fan-game I'm a part of (MNOG: The Bohrok Swarms, for anyone interested stuck_out_tongue)

Anyway, to kinda get a feel of the whole map, I placed each area, or scene, as a dot, and connected them up. here ya go!

Oh boy, The text is small in this one, lol. I'll just give a gist of whats happening.

Small, black dots represent above-ground routes
Small, brown dots represent underground routes
The large colored dots represent koros/kini nui Ko=light blue, Ta=red, Ga=blue, Le=green, Onu=black, Po=brown, and Kini=yellow.
I have a couple medium sized dots on there as well, colors being pink, red, brown, grey, light blue, which represent (respectively) the telescope, the lightstone mine, the quarry/jaga nest, the great mine, and the drifts.

Routes are numbered, and to the left is a description of what each route is.



Heres a zoomed in pic of the routes:

(also, forgot to mention, the red ring is the charred forest) I also didn't do a more detailed map of koros, cause the scenes are too packed together to map out.

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Wait, you work on MNOG 1.5? The one on Biomedia Project done by Nuparu 77?

yup! smile If you check the Bzp topic, I handle a lot of the discussions with fans there, and I do help Nuparu out a lot. It's a 2 man team, haha

Man, this looks really cool, so is the game done, or still in dev, 'cause I think I saw it on Biomedia.

It's not done, we have finished chapter 1, and are about 3/4 through chapter 2, we're working on a minigame at the moment (its really fun smile) and once it's complete, (max 2 weeks) we should be pumping out chapters every month. Theres an estimated 9 chapters.

I'll probably make an official topic very soon on the game, I'd like to cover it more here, instead of on Bzp.

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MNOG 1.5 is amazing! Can you make an topic just for it so you can post the new versions as you go on here?

I'll do that right now smile (is is ok to link Bzp topics here? I only do it for the sake of linking all references to the game's discussion)

Alright it's done, it should be found in the "Bionicle" section

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That's awesome.