Map of Okoto

While working on the Travelers’ Guide for Legends of Okoto, I decided it’d be useful to include a map of the island. Since I didn’t think the overhead pictures would be appropriate, I decided to trace one to make something that would look more like a hand-drawn map. This is the result.

Edit: I added a compass.



This is a pretty legit map of Okoto.

Teach me

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Use a drawing program with layers, put the official image on the bottom layer, trace on the top layer, and then make the bottom layer invisible. Embellish it a little and you’ve got a map. :grin:

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Looks beautiful! Nice job!

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All you need is a compass and then I’ll consider it complete /s

This is actually pretty impressive. Nice job

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Excellent point. I should add one in the lower left corner.

Edit: Added it.

Still, the embellishments are really good. Like, the text up top looks awesome man. Well done!

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