Marcus: Bounty Hunter from the krazilian sector.

Marcus is a bounty hunter mostly working in the krazilian sector (duh) in the half of the galaxy ruled by the Destronians. Here he usualy takes work as an escort for traders who are going trough netral space to the other half of the galaxy, which is ruled by the Maxion Empire. He also tracks down escaped convicts from destronian prisons, if he deems it worthy of his time.

Personality-wise he is verym profesional, at least while on the job. He has made not making a job personal his trade mark and that is usualy the reasone for people hiering him. But of work he can be mor elight hearted, or that is what the few friends he has says.

End of backstory

So as you can see this is your avrage edgy bounty hunter dude, although i tried to make him not so edgy.

Also this is my self-moc. As some of you may know I’ve made a couple of self-mocs before but I was never really happy with them. So i decided to make another one but this tim i was going to really try and make it more like me, at least in some aspects. For example: i really like bounty hunter characters so i made him a bounty hunter. I also really like characters with a lot of weapons so i gave him a lot of weapons. And i like space so i built him so that he looked like he wore a combat space suit and gave him a backstory in space. Lastly I also gave him my name because he’s suposed to be me.

And here he is:

Here you can see his jet pack and how his weapons are stored on his back.

Here is a closer look on his wapons

A pair of short swords. Nothing special about them.

A multi use rifle. Currently in assult rifle mode.

Two multi use blasters. They can use several diffrent types of ammo and can be modified with grapeling hooks, lights and a scope. Currently in standard mode.

Here are some action poses.

That’s it. Tell me what you think and sorry for the poorly written backstory.


The arms seem a little gappy, especially the lower part…

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Care to elaborate?

The weapons are awesome. Especially the assault rifle. The build of the figure is good too, and that mask is one of the best ever IMO.

I wonder if you could add something to give the chest more armor though? I like the detailing and greebling it has now. But he looks awfully vulnerable to a blade or bullet.


Love the weapon attachments! Good use of space.
Also, jetpacks! Woot!

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Thanks dude. Can you be more specifik about what i need to fill up in the chest?

@KAI_BORG thanks. wanna know how the jet pack is made?

Edited for double-post -legomaster

CCBS is normally gappy from the sides, and for me, the lower arms were the most noticeable.

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Aha. I’ll see what i can do. thanks

OOH! Definetly!
Well, so long as you don’t mind me possibly (probably) using it myself sometime/s.

Always love a good jetpack design.


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I’ll post it in the how to topic and tag you. But probably tomorrow. And feel free to use it just as long as you mention who made it. Or don’t. It’s up to you really.

EY! Take your time and definetly will! Thanks!

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Good question. Because I mean you def don’t want to cover the whole thing. You’ve got some good detail there, and the chains look cool. But maybe you could add one of those smooth shoulder pieces to the center of his chest? Or some other piece of smooth armor. It would add some consistency to the look as well, because the arms and lower legs are smooth CCBS parts. But the chest has lots of exposed components. Adding one smooth armor piece might “marry” those two styles together a little better.


That could work. Sadly i don’t have any more of those shoulder pieces. But i might be able to fix it some other way.

Very nice build. The proportions are bugging me, though I think it might just me being too used to Bionicle proportions.

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Well that’s a first. and thank you.

The colour scheme is nice, we don’t usually see these colours together.
The proportions are alright, the legs seem too long.
The torso build is pretty good,
The assault rifle is pretty good, the blasters are alright
The torso is messy, I would remove one or both of the chains and add something else
The little bit of gunmetal on the arms is out of place, as well as the armour on the shin, it’s too skinny at the bottom.
The hilt of the short swords are too bulky, don’t really know how to fix that.
Also the excessive use of red axles, does anyone have any black ones?
The texture on the torso should match the arms or vice versa. What @BlackboltJohnson suggested was good idea (even though you don’t have the piece).

Overall the moc is good, but needs improvement.

Sorry for the wall of text

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Thanks. and i have black axles but i did not want to waste them on weapons.

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Just buy them. If you don’t want to use Bricklink, you can still get them off of the LEGO site. I would buy them of KS-20, because that would allow you to buy the most.

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I have them in black. I thought you ment in silver

HOLY MOLLY! I’m on recomended.

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