Mardon (v1.5.0)

After mere months of existence, the so-called "Machine War" spilled over D'Jarex Iota's borders and into the rest of the galaxy.

A few detachments from both sides were tasked with laying claim to any uninhabited world they ran into, while the main fleets sailed in the general direction of the Orion arm, in an effort to find the rumored home-world of the D'Jarex Iotians' ancestors (well, the D'jarex Iotians did, the portion of Marendex's forces that weren't busy colonizing the rest of the galaxy were just doing their best to keep an eye on the enemy).

What they found was not the near-dead ball of rock that they were expecting, but instead the single most heavily fortified planet in the galaxy. Whole fleets of ships raced from all corners of the Solar System to impede the advancing foreign forces.

General Maxxim's fleet managed to punch a whole in the blockade first, and successfully deposited a small group of carefully-selected agents on the surface, before quickly retreating.

After a few months of alliance-building, bribery, smuggling, and who-knows-what-else, these agents eventually managed to gather enough parts, money, and workers to begin assembling a weapon that would do-in those stubborn machines once and for all.

Named after Marendex's legendary adversary, Mardon: the Lord of Chaos, this new weapon would surely lay waste to all who opposed it.

Mardon (v1.5.0)


This is pretty cool! Feet look a little odd from the side though.

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How can your self MOC beat That beast?!

It's cool by the way, and the best MOC of yours yet!

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You should see some of the previous designs...

I'm not sure, but it should be entertaining.


So this must be his other form when he isn't with a Orc,a Cursed Human,a Elf,a Half Elf and a Dwarf


Wow. It's very big.

Pretty well done. It's still a little gappy in some places and the arms could be one or two units longer, but otherwise, great!

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Wow, this guy's big! Some of the parts and shapes don't flow together very well. How many more pieces do you have to work with? The upper torso also seems kinda messy, though perhaps that's intentional.

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I am aware of this, though at present I sort of like the disjointed look (not sure why, though. Maybe it's because I spent so much time working on him that what flaws he has don't bother me too much at the moment).

Very few. A good many are currently being used on other MOCs.

It is (intentional, that is).

This is very nicely made!

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Nice MOC.

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* glances at Mardon *

I see what you mean.
I'll try to focus a good majority of the next update on the elbows (which, honestly, haven't seen any alteration/improvement at all since July, when I first designed them).

Thank you very much.

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Looking forward to it. =)

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After far too much procrastination, I finally bring you v1.5.5 (A.K.A. "The Elbows Update").