Mareela, Toa of Water v2


Gender: Female

Species: Toa (Matoran)

Element: Water

Kanohi: Mask of Conjuring

Tool: Aqua Mace

Traits: Tough, Fair, Melancholy, unrelenting

Standing Idle.

Back View

No weapons

Don't give me crap about her hair. Bring your complaints to someone who cares. Like a nuclear reactor.

Some action poses


Ooh, Windfall. I just love the way you create your Toa. Especially the female ones. They're not too cartoony with proportions, nor do you make them too masculine. This is a perfect example of how a female MOC should be made.

Really, Windfall, I really like how well you create these MOCs. :smile:


She looks absolutely fantastic. The colors, the build, the mace, everything just flows so well. Great work Windfall.

Looks great! my only issue would be the mask, and that is a personal disdain for it. but it does seem to work here, so good job!

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Nice shaping with the Bohrok eyes on the lower legs!

insert hate comment about hair here

Pretty solid MOC overall. Color scheme is nice, although it reminds me more of a Toa of Lightning than of water. The smooth CCBS and more detailed piston textures do conflict a bit. If you can, I would recommend taking out all the Metru and Inika system pieces to give her a more smooth appearance. Not really a fan of the Nuva shoulder placement, though, and the Rahkshi head piece ought to be in silver or dark blue to fit the colors better. Lastly, I will bring you "crap" of a different sort about her hair - it could fit her better if it was in a color that wasn't the same as her armor. Presumably you could use the same piece in the recolor from Gorast.

Cool Moc!

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Very well-shaped moc.
It definitely looks like an athletic woman, which I think should be the standard body type for a female Toa. The legs are very cool, I've actually never seen the metru feets flipped around like this, even tho I'm not a big fan of those giant 3×5 liftarm pieces.
However I don't particularly like how you used those mata hand pieces on the back of the shoulders. Also, I think the Rahkshi butt would look better in silver.


May I ask, have you used the new type or the old type of balljoint on her elbows?

This MOC looks great. The build looks solid and the proportions are spot on. My only complaint is that I feel there is a little too much silver. But if that was done by you intentionally, I'll let it slide. At the end of the day, it doesn't really detract from the MOC.

@Poaki Thanks!


Not sure what you mean. This is a pretty standard Water-Toa color scheme.

I will, I was pressed for pieces when I was making her at 11:00 at night, though I really did try.

Wow, that's pretty high standards. Thank you! And I think one balljoint is new and one is old

This is awesome!

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I got to admit this looks great.
Nice touch of the Trans-Blue.

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