Mārei, Warrior of Stone

It’s derived from a word for goddess. Mārei-Atua (I think that’s right)

Great MOC i love protector builds and this one is rather unique the only thing that stands out to me is the thing on her back cause its brown. And you said its a she? it strikes me as odd then that you didn’t use the normal shoulders to make her seem to have smaller shoulders to add more emphasis on her femininity.

Thank you! The brown piece is a survival bag. I think having a simpler build is good enough to express feminity, compared to other male builds.

In that case it be cool to see the backstory for this character being something like being exiled, or a lone wanderer cause she was tired of village life or something, or a Takua role!

Pretty simple, and the bohrok shield seems very out of place

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I’m thinking about it. Somewhere between Takua and Vakama.


Well it should, it’s a survival bag. I’ve used the shield a few times to represent bags or pouches because of the round buldged shape looking like part of a bag.