Marendar drawing by NOTaHFfan (not a contest entry)

Thank you!

I’m a bit late to the party, but I would say to leave it as-is. The white and grey look awesome.

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@NOTaHFfan If you have access to a scanner and printer, you could test different color schemes on different copies of the artwork.

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I guess it’s outdated now, since I decided to keep the colour scheme as is. But if I were to change it, I’d scan the drawing, upload it to the drawing program I use now and paint it in digital format. Idk, I still might do that at some point, but at the moment I think it’s just unnecessary

I also really like the drawing itself, especially the face. It looks like a character with an actual personality (as it should, since it’s sapient), rather than a mindless killing machine.

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Yes, this is exactly what I was going for.
I’ve seen quite a few interpretations of Marendar (mostly MOCs) and none of them seemed to be that. It really bothers me and I hope that when the time for Marendar contest comes (many years form now, it seems), an entry that is not a robot with no personality and a lot of guns will win