Marendar drawing by NOTaHFfan (not a contest entry)

Hello, people from the message boards!

Today I’d like to show you my new drawing of the character from Bionicle story we know nothing about:
Marendar, the Toa Plague

So, this is a yet another non-canon interpretation of the robot… cyborg… creature… ehh… thingy drawn to (confuse you) give you an idea of what the character could have looked like.

further explanation

I wanted to give Marendar a sense of menace and power, so he would look like a worthy opponent for any Toa team-an unstoppable warrior capable of taking down even the strongest individuals like Tuyet.

another intention was to make him look grotesque and a little creepy, so I gave him a long right arm with a claw-like hand and a “face” with soulless never-blinking eyes inspired by the old gas masks.

By now you can probably tell that this drawing isn’t quite finished. It doesn’t have any colours besides red and some grey for the ground. And that’s where I’ll need your help, guys:
-what colour do you think Marendar’s armour should be? Please let me know :smile:

that’s it for now.
tell me what you think!


Very nice! I love the robotic feel of it!

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That looks cool! Love that rendition of Marendar!

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Nice! That head kinda reminds me of the voodoo heads prototypesimage
I’m 50% sure this is intentional,
I always love homages to Bionicle’s predecessors


Yes, the reference was intentional, glad you noticed it!

I actually didn’t write about it in the post just to see if anyone notices…
Didn’t expect that to happen so quickly though, great job!


You nailed the creepy factor with the head and eyes. Looks little like nox from wakfu.

Has Marendar already wounded somebody or does the liquid come from the chambers in his arms?

I’d love to see a picture/scene where marendar strangles tuyet while the nui stone has been casted aside effortlesly.

Text in the picture

“your era ended before it began, Tuyet”
" you are precisly the reason why creation of hero killer was justified"


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Thank you so much!

Never heard of that character (and the show they are from) before, but I have just found a picture and, yea, I can see the similarities.
Also, I’ve just read some things about this show and it seems quite fun. Is it worth watching?

Actually, both. I thought it would be cool if Marendar used the blood of defeated Toa as fuel or power source or something… not sure how it could be reasonably explained in Bionicle canon, but it’s a feature that would add some more grossness and creepiness to the character

What a cool suggestion! Now I’m considering to draw something like that after finishing my Artakha contest entry. Thanks for the idea!


draining their blood to use as powersource

Cool idea. He could draw elemental power or toa power. Probably the latter since he senses it.


I do not know since I have not seen it either. XD

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I like it! It looks menacing, and the cuboid sections are quite unique. I’m also a sucker for asymmetry when it’s done well.

I personally imagine Marendar to be mostly grey/silver with some glowing (red, orange, or blue) bits.

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Yees please! This is what I want from Marendar contest. Something uniqe, something exotic - NOT a mindless brute with big mechanical muscles or weapons.

Honestly, this looks finished to me already. The trichromatic color scheme creates a sense of menace.
Also, I imagine Marendar seeing the world like this - a black and white canopy with the only color being the Toa he detects.


I believe the best colors for Marendar are the dullest you can conjure. Toa are super colorful, so their antithesis should be the visual opposite of that. Also, something brightly-colored looks more fun than frightening, usually.


The Barraki beg to disagree. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I mean, that’s kind of what I’m on about. They pop against a dark background (except Mantax) and they’re super attention-getting for that. They don’t really look scary so much as slightly creepy.

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Nice it gives me both sentinel and brainiac vibes

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Could you elaborate more what is a mindless brute and what is not? I think Marendar should be somewhat bigger than toa and bulkier.

I do not disagree with that - it is in his description that he is bigger.

Imagine Silver from Hero Factory - that, and anything similar is what I mean.
A hulking brute with big weapons - nothing special or intriguing.

I would be very dissapointed if Marendar ended up looking like that. Unfortunately, I suspect most people have exactly that kind of picture in mind when thinking of Marendar.

I am not saying he cannot be big or imposing, but that shouldn’t be his main “selling point”.

Marendar has the most creative freedom associated with it - it should be utilized accordingly.

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Totally agree. This is why I want this competition and take part in it! Characters vaguness opens up so many possibilities! From outward appearance to weapons.

I had silver-esque character in mind back in 2010 but now ten years later I too think it should be more than that.


Let me just add this: I think the builder/artist should have a clear idea of how their Marendar works and their resulting work should communicate this to the viewer.
It can be even something exotic.

But who knows, perhaps Greg Farshtey will lend us some additional detials when the time comes.

But who knows, perhaps Greg Farshtey will lend us some additional detials when the time comes.

I hope not. I think size, weapons, he is a humanoid is more than enough.

Bro that artwork is just simply astounding! Awesome job!

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