What if Marendar could turn Toa into Turaga?

NOTaHFfan’s artwork of Marendar got me thinking. What if Marendar eliminates Toa by depriving them of their Toa power and as a result turns them into Turaga? Killing any Toa aside from Tuyet, Helryx or darkhunter Savage was very unlikely to happen. But turning Toa into Turaga… now that could happen. It could even happen to the original six. Imagine Tahu or Gali being turned into a Turaga.

Like ToaKebaka said in their post, Marendars first target could be Toa Tuyet. Please imagine a scene where Marendar effortlessly casts aside the Nui stone, strangles Tuyet against a wall with one hand, takes away her Toa power and then lets her drop to the ground as a feeble Turaga Tuyet.

Marendar crushes the Nui stone under his foot and leaves. Mentally deranged and physically humbled Turaga is left alone to collect the pieces of her shattered dreams.

This most likely was not going to happen in the original story. But it could have been a child friendly way to essentially kill off major characters without seeing them die. And protagonist could have get caught without needing to escape during last second through elaborate means (as often). There are only so many times protagonists can escape the terminator before story becomes boorish.

What did you think? Please check out theartwork and Toa kebaka’s post and commnet below what did you think and have a nice day.


Well, Marendar is designed to destroy Toa, not pacify them. If he can turn Toa into Turaga, he does so in order to kill them–which makes practical sense, but this doesn’t fit with your idea of “child-friendly” psuedo-death. Also, Bionicle is the last Lego theme that bothers with being kid-friendly, or need I remind you of how certain characters died?

It’s worth noting, though, that Greg had this to say about his own ideas for Marendar and what he might have done if given the chance to continue the serials. It’s compatible with your idea, but probably not meant to work with that.


That’s actually an interesting concept, I like it. It is something that I would have not expected to happens in the story. Although, like you said, I have a feeling that the story may not go with this and just go with Marendar being Sentinels. Just killing the toa there and there until all is gone (although I can see few reason why Greg aint gonna go with this Marendar turn toa to turaga thing)

While on it, say that this is what route Greg decided to go with, will Marendar go hunt the destined Matoran as well and absorb his/her toa power? I mean, it certainly is an effective way to eliminate potential threats.


I assume Marendar would go after the matoran if they have enough toa power within them to be sensed by him.

Otherwise he would mostlikely stand still or shutdown after every toa was gonem

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I thought his power was turning Toa into Corpses


child friendly

Greg said during interview with eljay he had trouple with lego censor who removed parts of his texts if they were not family friendly.

But you are correct. Despite this Characters did die. And graphically.


IIRC destiny isn’t 100% a quantity, but something dictated in part by the GSR’s AI. With the GSR out of commission, destiny’s not really a thing anymore.

What the hell did they remove that was worse than Tuyet getting cut in ■■■■■■■ half? Or actual ■■■■■■■ necromancy???


I like it! IMO Bionicle has infinite amounts of universes because dimensions exist that can be accessed through the Olmek. If you were to write up a short story with this concept I’d give it a read!


Really? Every interview I’ve heard with him, he’s said that he knew his boundaries and rarely ran into trouble with anything. I vaguely recall him saying that one of the '06 books needed a bit of toning down, but every time this question comes up (which is pretty frequent, frankly) he says that it was never really a major issue.

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tuyet in half

Eljay did mention that ;). Greg implied he could squek by since it was not in a book or in the main story. But in a short story.

toned down a little, answer for Toa-of-snow.

I may have extragraded a little bit :wink:

But the point stands. He could not do every graphic thing he wanted.

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I think the worst one was Kingdom Tanma.

As much as people debate the difference between Fragmentation and Disintegration, the difference is very important here.

If Kingdom Teridax has used his Disintegration power, Tanma would just kind of… disappear. No different from the Dark Hunter that The Shadowed One lasered. Very clean, no body left behind.

But Fragmentation would absolutely leave a body behind, in a big, exploded pile, with many body parts being identifiable.

Fragmentation is also probably significantly more painful. Disintegration attacks the molecular bonds of the affected item, which is not a sensation that living beings can feel. Fragmentation is a much more violent, external force, and it probably wouldn’t affect Tanma’s body the same way in the same places. If his bones Fragment, but his muscles doesn’t, that probably isn’t a very fun time.


Could Makuta Miserix just put his hand on Marendar and just destroy Him/it?

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If he could get within range, yes.

The exact details of the Makuta powers are unknown, but we do have this from the Panrahk:

“…or send energy beams through the ground or air which explode on command.”

So he could send an explosion from a distance, but I don’t think he could send the actual Fragmentation power from a distance. He is basically Fragmenting the air.

I feel like Marendar could withstand an explosion, so Miserix (or Tahu) would have to touch Marendar to make it Fragment.

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This is a very nice idea!
Once a Toa was deprived of their Toa power, a weak Turaga would be much easier target to dispose off.

And yes, I do not believe it would stop at just transformation - Marendar was most likely programmed to finish the job (Angonce said as much).
So it wouldn’t be that kind friendly especially considering Greg was writing it :grinning:

Yeah, that one was brutal.

As for the differences, I always considered desintegration more thorough and fragmentation/shattering more explosive and uncontrolled.


Marendar is immune to all elemental powers, so he’d need one of the non-elemental powers at a Makuta’s disposal. He’d also have to get in range first. We never learned how powerful Marendar is, but since he wasn’t designed to kill Makuta rather than Toa, he may not be able to defeat them.

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Marendar could whistand an explosion

Most certainly. How does the disintegraion power work? Is it like The shadowed ones eye beam power? One zap and there is only smoking dust left of the victim?

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It is contact-based, as far as I know, But then yes. Once contact is made, the victim gets dusted.

EDIT: Maybe not. From BS01:


  • Releasing an energy wave that makes any object it touches crumble to dust
  • Disrupting the molecular cohesion of objects/beings

The thing is, we don’t know if that is Rahkshi-specific, and we also don’t know how precisely the Makuta powers match the Rahkshi powers. Maybe the Rahkshi only have extra range because of the staff.

I think it would make sense for it to be contact-based, otherwise the Makuta are even more jacked than they already are.

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Marendar vs other beings. Marendar is at disadvantage

I agree with you. Marendar was by desing meant to defeat only Toa. I think Marendar is more than likely to be competent enough to face a Makuta but would be OHKOed if his guard is down even once.

Not to mention Makuta or Artakha could teleport Marendar away. To space.

And, to my knowledge, Marendar cannot affect Kanohi powers. Hewkii Mahri could send it to space as well.

Realistically, it seems like Marendar was about to get trashed. Although the more powerful beings like Artakha may have been distracted by Velika, so maybe Marendar would have a better chance than we think.

EDIT: Of all the Kanohi I could have picked, I picked the one Elemental Kanohi that we know of. Marendar actually might be able to resist the powers of a Garai.

But the Matatu is still on the table.

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Yes he should be able to take on a Makuta 1 on 1, but probably not multiple Makuta at once.
What I always wondered is, why was Marendar designed to purge Toa specifically? Why not all protodermic life forms?
Are there multiple Marendars for different species?

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