Older Bionicle art by NOTaHFfan

I got some positive feedback on this topic, so here’s part two as promised. You liked my art there, which is unacceptable. I want you all to be disappointed

This time I dug up some fossils: stuff from ancient times when I drew on actual paper, which is unheard of nowadays, when it comes to my art.
So, let’s delve deeper into this small pathetic puddle of amateurity and lack of experience.

  • Starting with early 2020, which isn’t all that long ago, so most of the stuff here is decent, I think

My oh my, it’s so hard to take photos of traditional drawings so that they don’t look like… bad

This is a drawing of my self-MOC… well, an older version of it.
Although the scarf here looks less like fabric and more like slightly burnt bacon, I think this one still holds up quite well.

The version of Renner this is based on

Next up I have some concept art and sketches from 2020


Concept art of the mask for my TTV art contest #1 entry


My thought process on the head design of Marendar


Some copies of my Artakha art entry that I used to test out some stuff like colouring and rune designs before I moved onto the final version

  • 2019

Some Toa Mata
This is the only Bionicle-related thing I drew that year. I’m still, to this day very happy with all the mechanical details in this one. Honestly, out of everything I’ve made, this drawing captures the essence of Bionicle best, in my opinion.

The things I dislike here are Tahu’s tiny hands and Onua’s indistinguishable everything

  • 2018

This is when stuff gets real wonky and goofy

“Orange Guy” V2

This is a “redraw” of one of my drawings from 2017 (that you’ll see farther down), but I honestly think it look worse than the original.
The shading is really muddy and doesn’t make much sense, the left arm is waaay longer than the right one, the lower legs are too small and thin and those hands, oh those hands

Gelu (unfinished)

This shares basically all problems with Orange Guy and has some more, such as cut off feet (you’ll see in a second that this was a big problem for me back then)

Unfinished Toa Mahri (probably)


  • 2017

This is the year when I started learning how to draw, so you can probably guess how good the art here will be

“Orange Guy” V1

I honestly still like this one, I think it’s pretty charming.
This character was supposed to be a part of a combiner team (he was the torso), but I never finished it lol

It’s also based on a MOC, but I lost all pictures of it. They’re probably buried deep in my computer, but I don’t want to look for them

“Yellow Guy”

Yellow guy was supposed to be golden, but I couldn’t really illustrate that at the time, so this is what we have to deal with.
The angle is stupid and not dynamic at all

Winger or something, idk

I think this is a nice design and colour scheme, but that little head and elongated tube-like torso are funny

Brutaka, but not a chad… “Simptaka”

The torso is long, the arms are short, the hands are small, the head is small, the knees and elbows are too thin, the portal effect doesn’t look convincing… I think we’ve reached the peak… this drawing is something else

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever created a topic this big

Well, looks like, I’m officially out of Bionicle drawings to show. I think it’s fun to compare this stuff with the things I draw now to see how far I’ve come… it’s a great motivator, really!

So, what do you think of these? (Please, make fun of them as much as you can, I want to see these criticised into oblivion)

Also, question of the day: does anyone here want to see my new artworks? They aren’t Bionicle-related, but maybe someone would still be interested


ooo these look epic!




Obviously because they are drawn that aren’t as good as your last sketch’s but they are still nice


Older they may be but still looking great.


Some of these are pretty epic though
Like you said the details on the Mata are nice



when the sun sets we will not forget

if they aren’t… y’know… I’d like to roast appreciate them.

wait that makes it sound bad


you will be dissapointed to hear I am not dissapointed and am absolutley with the people giving praise here


no stop he’s already destroyed one laptop


I love that Toa Mata picture. It’s exactly how I would like a live-action Bionicle movie to look like, a combination of (gasps) Bayformers and Star Wars, with the nice mechanical details and the good organic bits as well. Tahu’s hand looks fine to me, and honestly I think that Onua looks cool, in the same way Bayformer Ironhide looks cool. A bit odd, but chunky, spiky, greebly, and dangerously cool.


Yeah these are lesser than some of your other works, but they’re not that bad. I really like the one with the three Toa Mata, it looks pretty cool. Neat


Okay, let’s go through this

I forgor

Yes they are, Ghid, yes they are

@Atobe_Brick thank you very much!


@DuneToa @Alucia @Rukah thank you all!

I want to be disappointed, but I’m real happy that you are not disappointed… feels strange

I liked your gif, so I stole it

You know, I don’t think that the fact that they are drawn this way is the problem here. I would not consider traditional art as inferior to digital. It’s that I was a lot less experienced when I made these.
Thank you nonetheless!


like I said, jack
ghids are cruel


Sorry kinda worded it bad, I meant how with digital drawing you can use a select tool to resize stuff or how you got the back button so the end result is usually going to be overall cleaner then the hand draw

Honestly that might be worded worse then the original


I like orange guy he’s very attractive.


Speedrunning Master, I see

Yes. In fact, Orange Guy is the chaddiest chad in the NHFU (Not a Hero Factory Universe)