Renner V6 (Self-MOC)

Today I’d like to show the latest iteration of my self-MOC! (Get prepared, it’s gonna be a whole lot of pics)

First version of this guy was built somewhere in 2015-2016 and I’ve been updating him every year since then.

Version six by far has the most advanced building techniques and the most points of articulation (29 in total) out of all of them. The build is fully custom and was designed from scratch.

Different angles:


Action poses:

The amount of points of articulation allows to pull off some crazy poses that are not possible with most of normal Bionicle/ HF builds.

As a bonus, here is a comparison with all the previous versions of him:

I think It’s a good improvement compared to V1, isn’t it?

That’s it for now, tell me what you all think!


The posability and stability on this thing is quite impressive.The incorporation of system with the technic is really great, far beyond anything I could do as a system builder myself. The color blocking also is really nice, as is the amount of greebling.

My one, very minor gripe is that the very bottom of the torso seems strangely flat. Although I have no idea if that could be avoided, since I don’t know the inner workings of the MOC.


The shaping here is very nice



This moc is amazing already but those lower legs are spectacular!

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The greeby bits remind me of Peter Reid’s Exo-Suit model (the one that got turned into an Ideas set). Great color blocking, such that even a really boring color scheme on paper looks good, good shaping… honestly this is more impressive to me than a lot of what the “big league” MOCers have been putting out lately. If I had any criticism to give, it would be to work on some of the sharp 90 degree edges that the system bits give you. The inverted pieces on the chest in particular are where this is most evident.


hello @Traykar


Excellent work! The torso shaping is really good, the greebles are well done, and the scarf really adds a lot to the character.

Small details like the toe articulation and those system flaps on the upper legs make the moc even better.

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At last he is revealed: My nemesis

Very nice, Greebly build! It reminds me a lot of the classic space work by Peter Reid and Tim Goddard.


Excellent build, I particularly like the torso build with the 2x2 Hero core tile!

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Great build, such an improvement from all the prior versions, really loving that chest design


oh man, i like this a whole lot, awesome!


The custom body is quite nice, good work.

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Oh snap #50 on this one too.

Those feet look really surprisingly balanceable… or did that take a while to get right?

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Thank you for the fiftieth like!

And yeah, the feet are quite balanceable indeed, despite the fact that they are so small. And it didn’t take any time to get right at all, they were pretty much the only part of the MOC that worked exactly as I had planned from the beginning.



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he looks very wolfy

Ah, there he is, the good ol’ anodized airhead himself