Artakha, the Forgemaster (Bionicle Canon Contest #2: Meet The Maker, Part 2 (Art))

Greetings, people from the Message Boards!

Allow me to present to you my latest project - Artakha drawing for the art portion of the second canonisation contest:

I really like how @Connor_Hoffman’s Artakha looks, so I’ve tried to stay as closely to his design as my artistic nature allowed, but still few things were changed:

  • I’ve made the cape longer to get a more dramatic effect
  • Lowered the shoulderpads
  • Gave Artakha an actual neck
  • I’ve also changed the character’s proportions slightly to fit my art style better.

For my entry I’ve chosen KhingK’s amazing Mask of Creation. It seems to me that it’s a great design for Moc already, so why would I reinvent the wheel?

Here’s a link to the mask by The King of 3D modelling: The Legendary Mask of Creation by KhingK - Thingiverse

For the runes there is this geometrical pattern loosely based on the runes from KhingK’s mask.

work in progress pics




Then I scanned and printed it to have several tries in paint job.

That is it for now, tell me what you think and good luck in the contest!


Great pose, really gives him a grand appearance. The runes are also pretty cool, I especially like how you placed them on his fingertips.


I really like your version of the runes and their placement!


The pose really makes him look like he’s walking into battle which I like a lot.

I also like how you’ve made him stand up more as if he is more like a strong and powerful king.

Wonderful work.


The sheer amount of detail here… It’s… it’s staggering. Try as I did, I couldn’t even get close to 10% of all the complicated illustrations you made for your submission. I love it!


I think your take on the mask of creation is different enough that it warrants its own drawing.
Even if it is technically meant to be KingK’s Mask it is your interpretation of the mask that counts. And interpret it you did, I love the sleeker design.

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