BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First, Part 2 - by NOTaHFfan

Originally I wasn’t going to post this since there are a ton of pieces of art better than mine but still… here I am presenting to you my drawing of Helryx for the contest!

I’ve tried to keep it faithful to Double’s design, still adding my own features and changing the proportions and the looks of some pieces.

And yes, I kept the hunch, but made it less drastic (that’s a compromise, kinda)

The mask

Its design is a mix of a knight helmet and a 2001 kanohi


Funny, you say better than yours but this one might be my favorite. Fantastic work.


Being the only artwork in this contest to be hand drawn instead of digitally drawn, it is quite unique. Very well done!


Thank you so much, I’m glad and surprised to hear that :smile:


Super glad you posted this, one of the best entries I’d say. Never let comparison get you down. I really like how knightly she looks, the shoulders remind me of the knights kingdom buildable figures though they’re still keeping closer to Bionicle. The head / mask are fitting, I really like them, the hunch being more Onua-like than Turaga-like is a good compromise IMO.

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Not exactly true, but it’s still pretty good nonetheless!

This is really well done!


That mask is really cool

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That is a kicking mask, and I believe the third to be knight-inspired. I think it’s a sign, people.

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Another hand-drawn entry! I very much like the look, and the pose really brings her to life! I also appreciate the the mace looks more like a historical spiked mace.

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I dig this! Nice work indeed and I enjoy your mask choice, it is a simple yet effective concept that goes with the weaponry

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I like your approach to making her shoulder armor not look like a face. Well done!

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Thank you all for the kind words!

And of course thanks to everyone who voted for my entry:

People, you are amazing! :star_struck: