Marendar MOC? Help with name please

As you can see, it can bare Kanohi. I was thinking Marendar for hunting down toa and sucking out their powers, but any ideas for names or concepts?


Zaphutai. That good?

Well, I was thinking if not Marendar, a Dark Hunter name. Also, if anyone has build advice I would love that too.


Other than the occasional open socket, I like the build.

I'd remove Ehlek's claws form the legs. They look a bit awkward and prevent the knees from having proper articulation.

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I mean the build is cool, but the pictures are just eh, do you have any other devises that could take more high quality pics? Also that frame around the pic looks odd and just eh imo.

As for names how bout


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It looks very interesting. Nice job

No, but I've tried hard to improve photo quality. As for the frame, I like it. Thanks for the advice.

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The MOC has a really solid build to it, but the back of the lower legs seem a bit awkward with Ehleks's weapons there.