Marendar WIP

Looking really good, will you ever put colour in? If so what colour?

probably not, but i’ll consider it

I think the mechanical construction looks very intimidating and cool, and also makes a lot of sense for the character. I think the yellow/black color scheme worked really well to emphasize the mechanical aspect, but the current one is porbably even more intimidating! :slight_smile:

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so, just curious, would any of you vote for this?


Depends on what the competition is.


To me, it just feels a bit boring. It’s just a generic grey/black cyclops robot, which is a surprising common design I’ve seen for Marendar. There’s nothing really that stands out to me about him.

I’ll be honest, I prefer the very first design you had going, with the cool gappy shoulder frames with shock absorbers, the black visor-looking head and the nice use of an industrial yellow. His super-wide shoulders and stick-thin legs somehow made him seem powerful just through the sheer contrast of proportions. That Marendar stood out from the crowd.

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It’d difficult to say if I’d vote for it, since I’ve not seen any of the other potential entries. I will say, I do like the torso/head on the latest version; reminds me of the Geth from Mass Effect.

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Really cool, just seems a bit thin and skeletal. A kanohi or a HF helmet would be nice tbh. Really loce the direction where the moc is, just wish if it was a bit more bulky

@GoodGuy2006 Much better, (personaly) I wish he still had a bit of yellow). Basicly all problems where fixed. He looks a bit mean tho , wish there was more color like yellow

AND YES i will vote, it looks f sick!

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since i’ve been mentioning it a lot in the contest topic, thought i would make the image bigger and more noticeable
he’s still put together, and i don’t intend on ever taking him apart.

also, fun fact directed at no one in particular, i don’t usually respond to pms. just an interesting fact


Remember to put this picture to the top as well. so people visiting this post do not have to scroll all the way down to see the final version.

good idea

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Really great, the lanky proportions definitely help this version to stand out compared to other Marendars.

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alrighty i did it

okay actually the moc i was using them on is using pistons now so


So cool seeing how far this has come

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oh yeah i took a better pic of him for te brickfair


Interesting that you’ve used the Kina fins for finger, looks pretty menacing. The head and kinda grown on me, do you know if there’s anyway to remove the ball joint between his legs?

cutting it off lol

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