Marendar's Rampage

“Mata Nui…”

Here’s a scene to show my headcanon of how Marendar kills toa by removing their elemental powers which dulls their armor and weapons thereby killing them. (Also ignore the fact that some of them are floating)


I like the guy who has the Pakari as a mask, shoulder plates, and chest armor. He must be very strong.


Actually that’s a teaser for the secret 7th toa I’m going to be posting for Metru March.

Apparently not strong enough to take on Marendar.

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The floating is actually kind of creepy, almost like Marendar has turned them into specter’s, ghosts. Maybe like they’re trapped in their bodies, not even dead… a fate worse than death.

Good job.


Yo Pohatu’s fricking dead. Nice

I really like your idea on how marendar kills toa. It sets him up to be a more powerful and evil threat.

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Nooooo! Iruini and Pohatu! :stuck_out_tongue:

Jk, this is really cool. :stuck_out_tongue:
It fits the Sentinel-esque “Anti Toa” that Greg inferred Marendar was, and it suits that the Toa Hunter should turn colourful, bright beings into the same hue of grey. I also love the “Golden Mata Tahu” you’ve created, simple though it may be.

Minor canon nitpicks - Lhikan was dead by this point (unless that’s someone else, hard to tell from this angle). Also, we know that Toa can survive without elemental powers (the Bohrok-Kal arc is an obvious example, although Onua also survived having his “Strength” drained by Vohrak in MoL). That said, it’s still a power that I think definitely belongs in Marendar’s arsenal.

A pleasant surprise that came from clicking on a topic which I was expecting to house yet another Marendar MoC/artwork (they’re cool, but there’s a lot at the moment.)

Thanks and that toa was just a random toa I made for this picture and the Toa Nuva were more powerful than a regular toa so I feel it would be more lethal for regular toa to be drained of their elements by Marendar and it would take more effort in draining from Marendar to kill a Nuva.

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