Marendex's Marvelous Constraction MOCs

This is a topic dedicated to my various constraction MOCs (be they BIONICLE or CCBS), and is a sorta-kinda companion topic to this one.

Constructive criticism is always appreciated, this, that, and the other thing, you know the drill.

(Also, I will be posting two MOCs [max.] per post, to prevent the images from crashing, and add each new MOC(s) in a new post, with, perhaps, a link to it in the original post.)

First off:
2015 Katarax v2.2.0
(For a good look at v2.1.0, look here.)
Front view

Profile view

Obligatory Back Shot

(I apologize for the lack of action poses, expect those from the already assembled v2.3.0 * waits for camera to charge *)

Marendex (2013/2014 Edition)

Profile view

Obligatory Back Shot

Firing his blaster



Looks great! But definitely needs armor.

[quote=“Marendex_T17, post:1, topic:5213”]
First off:2015 Katarax v2.2.0
[/quote]This one looks pretty cool, not many problems with this one.

One of these is better than the other .

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Complain of the lack of armor no more, friend, for I have brought about an improved version!

Marendex (2015 Edition)
[insert “Duel of the Fates” here]

Front view

Profile view

Obligatory Back Shot

Action pose one

Action pose two

Electron Blast Cannon!

So…What dost thou think?


Very barebones but I think that’s the style.

Now get Kutetteru or however his name is spelled on here ASAP.


As you wish.

Kurutteru (Japanese for “insane”)
(Unfortunately I only have one picture of this guy, but at least it’s a good one.)



Lewks gewd

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Thank you. Especially considering that this is one of my more rushed MOCs.

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Speaking of which I should probably get back to the CotF Roleplay…


Wow, I’m typically not a big fan of basic builds (which these are), but you manage to pull of Basic like it’s your job. nicely done!


He looks great! Very cool MOC of Mesonak

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I think the shoulders could be better, and also maybe take care of some of the more…unfortunate placings of the exposed balljoints.

Namely the uh, the…the crotch balljoint.

Maybe just a size 3 HF armor would cover it.

Ok, thank you.

  • looks for armor in the right color *
  • finds armor *

Ok, it appears that the pictures in the old post crashed for some reason, so I got rid of it and made a new one.

(Marendex-T17 Edition)

Profile view

Obligatory Back Shot

Action pose

Amazin’ Raisin

Staff of Hero Factory ('Cos I like staffs…and he likes HF…I’ll shut up now.)

“Hello, and welcome…To TTV!” pose

So, what do you think?

I’ll fix the shoulders when I get more armor.


Coolio but… open ball sockets and balls

Ran out of pieces.

I know it’s a lame-o excuse, but it’s the truth. Give me a few weeks to amass enough cash to get some off Pick-a-Brick or Bricklink, and all will be fixed.

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Nice. the Onya feet look a little wide for him. maybe add some claws or use clawed protector feet with a heel addition for balance.


This time we have…my second set-revamp ever.
The Makuta of Zakaz (as well as the upper half of the Northern Continent), Krika!

Front view

Profile view

Obligatory Back Shot

(Not his most flattering angle, I’ll admit.)

A-test-to-■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■-face-planting view

(Didn’t know they’d go that far.)

“Action Pose” #1

(It seems that Krika has discovered an amazing thing in the mysterious realm of “That Which Is Off-Screen-ia”.)

“Action Pose” #2

(This time with 50% more gesturing!)

Close-Up-Front-View of torso

Close-Up-Profile-View of torso

Close-Up-Obligatory-Back-Shot of torso

With small arms deployed

(I just realized how much this guy looks like Clover. * shudders *)

Close-Up of small arms

Facing-off against a slightly-revamped Bitil

(Armed with naught but a Kohlii Stick, he shall kick thy butt like ye wouldn’t believe.)

“No! Not the Kolhii Stick! Anything but the Kolhii Stick!”

I apologize for the lack of a white floor, but on something that slick he would’ve face-planted every time I got him standing.


The chest is a bit wide for my liking, but overall I like it. Nice use of the HF 1.0 limbs!


Next up we have…
Ekimu’s Hammer!

Front view

Profile view

I know that it’s not technically a constraction MOC (or a MOC at all for that matter, more of a MOC accessory), but I didn’t want to make a whole topic for a stinkin’ hammer when I already had a perfectly good one.


That…looks awesome!

I love that holder thing.