Mariko V2

Before I get into how he's been re-done, here's a little poem I wrote for him!

All of the le-matoran laughed and sang, work was play to such a joyful gang.
But there was one matoran who wasn't so elated, he sat there in his hut, so very frustrated.
Mariko they called him, with gloom so unrelenting, he sat there in his house, endlessly lamenting.
The other matoran wanted no such company, and perhaps they were overzealous, but this made the young Mariko very jealous.
Twisted and tormented by his loathing for his kind, Mariko delved deep into the jungle, draped in cobwebs and vines.
Though for Mariko the matoran did not worry, when he returned...

They'd all be sorry.

So yes, Mariko is originally a Matoran now, due to the new Anti-Toa laws, which I agree with. But after turning on his friends, somehow he's transformed into the powerful sorcerer he is now.

What are his powers? Well, Mariko's strength comes from his spite against the Le-Matoran, who are naturally fun-loving and joyful. His Powers will reduce his opponents to weary husks of who they once were, drained of all aspiration and energy.

He's meant to be one of 6 Y2 enemies, each toa mach to an individual villain as discussed in the last podcast. Whether or not this'll stick, I don't know.

Of course, eventually Mariko would be defeated by Lewa's overwhelming spirit and energy. He'd most likely fall to his knees (If he has any, leg debates 101) And weep. All he ever wanted was to be like the other matoran, but his hatred twisted him into a vile shadow, and he was manipulated by a greater evil power. Whether forgiven or not, Mariko's in full belief HE isn't the badguy.

They'll all understand, soon...


Kool poem. Where is robot? I can't see any images.

The art for Mariko was done by @ZceeNook, I was behiind most of the story stuff. We both like to base his twisted appearance off of Lovecraft/Celtic-God art styles.

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Was a fun read. I liked it

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I actually like how this reinvention turned out, I think it sounds a lot better than the original 8th toa pitch. In one sense, I think the whole power of draining aspirations is a little childish in one sense? But for a kids' toy line I think it would fit really well. : P

I almost thought it said bald guy. More motivation for his hatred

He doesn't really make them a little gloomy and sad.

He makes them absolutely devastated, they feel hopeless tot he point of not fighting back at all.

they lose any and all willpower.

It's like taking off someone's mask, but without the mask being taken off! I do think it's a good power and one that would be hard to fight.