Mario Kart!

Yeah, let's all be socially active and stuff and play some Mario Kart 8!!

Nintendo Network ID: Mills99, just in case you wanna play together :slight_smile:

I love Mario Kart. <3

Sadly, I don't have Mario Kart 8, or a Wii U.

But I do have Mario Kart Wii. Too bad they discontinued the Mario Kart Online. I used to play on there for hours...I guess that's just Nintendo's way of getting people to purchase the Wii U.

So... Mario Kart 8.

Does anyone else love the game?

I sure do.

That was one heck of a Necro-Post. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wait till you see this

I’ve got CTGP-R for MKW. It lets you play online on servers again, and adds a new gamemode +200-something custom tracks, If anyone has/still plays mkw, we could possibly play it sometime.

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Edited Title for Clarity

thanks for doing that in a pretty much dead topic lol



I’m not the only one with CTGP-R?! Awesome! I’ve been playing it whenever I’m not on TTV or building Bionicle Mocs. I would totally play with you but I can’t seem to play online (WIIMFI) for some reason. I crash when I try. My Mii’s named (diamond shape)Hautaka(diamond shape). The diamond shape is the tilted square thing.

tbh I’ve been more interested in other things that I haven’t found the time to actually play it again.
I bet it’ll take like 2 hours to update though

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I bet 3 hours.
After not playing it for like a year, that’s how long it took for me to update it.
I also have a Kirby mod.
(if you even care which I doubt)

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I can’t stop playing the mobile game. It’s pleasantly fun.