Mars Mission Discussion

Anyone else remember Mars Mission?
Mars Mission has always been one of my favorite lego themes.
The sets were really good IMO. The minifigures were cool too, although i feel the aliens weren't that good.


I never got any of the sets, but they did look really cool, and I still want some.

Ever considered Ebay?

Too expensive, and there are some other things I'd rather buy.

I got one set; the medium-sized spaceship with detachable mining rig and a small alien ship.

I had about 10 sets, however most of them are disassembled. I'm working on rebuilding them.

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I got the little rover truck that had a trailer and a little robot....

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That set was pretty cool IMO.


Was like the 3rd or 4th theme I had an active interest in. I have most of the mainline sets (missing the three biggest ones and the two from Winter 2008.)

Does anyone else wish that Mars Mission actually had developed characters?

I still have one of the alien ships built.
The one that was a disc shape, but could split to reveal a whole bunch of guns.
Yeah, Mars Mission was awesome.

That was my first MM set, alongside the Trike.

I have a very clear memory of when I got my first sets. I bought the Claw-Tank a while later, got the Dropship and Astro fighter for Christmas from my grandmother, the Mothership from my parents (which I also built while listening to my first tobyMac album for the first time and later was shattered by my friend when he dropped it). I got the 2008 big alien ship sometime I actually don't remember, and the Crystal Reaper the next Christmas, along with a TECHNIC set with Power Functions so I could add them to the Reaper (unfortunately it only had part of the Power Functions I needed. ;( )

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Anyone know where I can find Crystal Alien Conquest? That was the best game ever.


Found it:


Thank you very much. If you ever show up at the Squeaverkingdom, we will grant you three wishes.

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My cousin bought some Mars Mission sets. I always thought concept and sets were cool but for some reason never bought any of the sets.

I found a bunch of cheats for Crystal Alien Conquest here:
If anyone needs them.

That would have been great!

Aww man, I loved Mars Mission. I got five of the sets (which was actually a pretty decent collection when i was a kid considering all the other themes I loved). And Crystalien Conflict? I loved that game. I think I did everything there was to do in it.

Mars Mission had a really neat atmosphere and some sick vehicle aesthetics.

Here are some of my favourite sets:


The one on the bottom was the only one that I got, but the other two were cool as well; I really wanted to get the top one.


I loved this theme! I probably have 15+ sets from it.