Mars Mission Exo-Force walker. (Plus set-up tutorial.)

This is a build inspired by the Exo Force Mobile Devastor revamp by @Khalsa721. I also had 4 Mars Mission sets, so yeah.

Size comparison:

Before I go into hibernation again, this is my set-up method.

  1. Find a desk in a room where it can be dark.
  2. Use 6 standard blank sheets of paper (5x12 if that’s correct).
  3. Stand 2 up against a wall, 2 at the base, then use what you can to prop up the last 2.
  4. Pose your M.O.C. before you turn off the lights.
    5)Then if there’s still enough light to see, cover it up
  5. Using a digital camera with a flash, take a picture of your M.O.C.

That’s my set-up.
Comments, criticism, & critiques are welcome.