Marvel Anime - Iron Man, Blade, X-Men and Wolverine

This is the place to discuss the four Marvel Anime series; Iron Man, Wolverine, X-Men and Blade.

Surprisingly many do not know this actually exists - however they are four anime styled series created by Marvel

For anyone who has yet to see this, i do advise that you watch the series before returning and try to avoid spoilers as its a strong story :3

“Tony Stark goes to Japan to produce a new arc reactor power station and showcase the Iron Man Dio, a new prototype armor, that will replace him when he retires. However, the Iron Man Dio goes out of control and it is up to Tony as Iron Man to stop it along with an organization called the Zodiac”

“Blade is a “daywalker” vampire hunter who was born with human and vampire blood in his veins after a vampire attacked his mother. Blade is visiting Japan on a mission where he not only confronts his past and a mysterious organization of vampires known as “Existence”.”

“The X-Men are reassembled by Professor X to travel to Japan following the abduction of Armor and face the U-Men, who are abducting young mutants for a sinister purpose”

“Logan learns that his true love, beloved sweetheart and girlfriend Mariko Yashida, who disappeared one year ago, has been taken to Tokyo by her father Shingen Yashida, the head of the Japanese crime syndicate Kuzuryu and goes after her”


I’ve heard of these, but never got around to wacthing them. I’ll have to do that at some point.

Only seen the Iron Man one myself, but would definitely recommend it :slight_smile:

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This actually looks pretty amazing.

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maybe we could also spread this topic to the Wolverine one?

Anyway yeah it’s abit cool

Mmh, not sure there is a topic for any of the others, but yeah will turn this into a ‘Marvel Anime’ topic.

And done

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Oh man I’ve been wanting to watch this forever. Is there a site I can watch this show?

These should be links to the first episodes :3

Iron Man




I heard that some were complete garbage.

I forget which ones though.

I’ve seen them around before, but were reluctant to watch, are they any good?

Raises claw

Sad I did not. These look pretty awesome.

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We gotta bring back the 1978 spiderman series as an anime

X men one is pretty good. I liked it.

Nah, 1960s would fit way better. /s

Actually watched a couple episodes of this. Watched around the first 10 and a couple ones in the middle arcs.

Was fun but didn’t really see the point of it tbh,