Marvel or DC-which would be best for the bionicle reboot?

Im not sure whos doing the graphic novel for the reboot, but im still curius witch company do you think should be in charge of the single issue comics if there going to bring those free comics back.
Also if you could have any writer and artist in charge of the 2015 reboot for comics what team would you choose and why?

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confused as to what you mean, but i assume series not continuity

personally, if there's too much, or too little, maybe they can reboot, Don't know

Marvel already tried to reboot but just ended up with a new universe that basically only took the popular characters. I really wish they didn't.

DC already does reboots every ten years or something like that.

I meant the bionicle reboot I forgot to add in that one word I feel dumb

Neither Marvel or DC did the recent graphic novel, that was done by Little Brown. I'll suspect we'll have to stick with them for a while.

My first choice would actually be IDW. My opinion may be slightly biased because I am a die-hard Transformers fan, but only because I've seen what they can do with a cast of robots. They already have experience in integrating toys into stories, made up alien terms and manner of speech, piece-by-piece world building, plot details, and most of all compelling characters.
Head Writers I would probably have James Robert and Nick Roche alternate, and Alex Milene and Nick on illustrations. The colorist and letterers I'm not sure about.

Now of either Marvel or DC I would pick Marvel. Like IDW they know how to keep a story fresh and homage to older fans. DC's good but I think Marvel would be a better choice for the reboot comics as their story style fits better.
I'm not really a Marvel expert so I can't recommend any good writers or artists.


I entirely forgot about IDW but they usualy do great with toy centric properties so I can see how that would work I havent read any of IDW transformers but I can definetly see why artists from tranformers could work on bionicle

I'm not sure who I would pick (Marvel, DC, IDW, Image or any comic book company) but I would like to see them turn to Dc, as it'll be cool to see them take on the license. But at the same time, I've heard Marvel's Star wars books are awesome, and maybe Marvel can hire the same guy writing them.

But as the two above me said, IDW might be a great choice, since they are really good at adapting toy licenses (Such as Transformers, Jem and the Holograms, and Ninja Turtles) into great comics.

personally , i think that DC would be best for the bionicle reboot , like in G1 how they did the comics.

Marvel since the Reboot has more of a dark theme

but not as dark it would be a DC comic

but the type of Dark that Marvel would do

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I kind of think DC would be good. They didn't break it before it why fix it.