Marvel Phase 3, 4 and beyond

As of now we have a good idea of whats to come with phase 3, but what about 4 or 5 even? I know I would love to see a Howard the duck or Daredevil reboot, but those are my spooky delusions. Share your hopes and dreams for phases 3 and beyond.


I would get Netflix my friend. A MCU Daredevil Netflix series is currently in production.

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I really
Really would want to see a Marvel Movie where everyone is turned into Zombies, like in Earth-2149
Just imagine the Zombie Avengers on the big screen, that'd be heck'a rad. It'd be impossible to include all the characters in the Marvel Universe I know, but it's still something I would love to see since I'm a huge fan of Marvel and Zombie-related things.

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I like the different genre films they're doing. Political thriller with Winter Soldier, Space Opera Comedy with Guardians. I'm assuming they're going forward with Supernatural Horror with Dr. Strange.

I like that and I think that's the future of superhero films. I'm really looking forward to the Netflix shows too, because Netflix is probably the biggest television platform right now and this will get the most amount of people to watch them.

But gosh, I just really want Fantastic Four to be back under Marvel. It'd be nice to have the other franchises too, but Fantastic Four honestly will only work within the universe. Fox has effectively ruined my hopes for the reboot because every piece of news that comes out just looks bleaker and bleaker.

Fantastic Four can't stand out by it's own, and I really don't want Fox to continue on with the franchise. I'm hoping everything falls through and it ends up in development hell, and then Marvel can do the proper thing with that franchise.

Also, Benedict Cumberbatch as Victor Von Doom. You can't tell me that that isn't perfect casting.


Almost as perfect as Ben Affleck as Batman (no sarcasm. I adore that casting as a lifelong Batman fan)

I agree with Kahi. I like how different the genres are getting for these movies. Although I was not a fan of Iron Man 3 or Thor 2, I enjoyed the Winter Soldier, and I have yet to see Guardians of the Galaxy. The Winter Soldier seemed different for a Super-Hero film. It was not just about a super-villain anymore; It was about saving the world from a Nazi-like organization that planned to dominate everyone and take away freedom. That movie is my favorite Marvel Movie to date.

Phase 4; Supernatural
Theory time, After Infinity War the worry was that a single superhero film in the MCU would not have enough support. As such this stage the MCU is mostly consisting of multi-hero films featuring many superheroes.

Midnight Sons (2020)
The Midnight Sons consisting primarily of Ghost Rider, Blade and Jennifer Kale, essentially introduces the supernatural side of the MCU as they fight against Lilith, mother of all demons who intends to unleash her Demon army upon the world.

The Runaways (2020
The Runaways consisting primarily of Alex, Chase, Gert, Karolina, Molly and Nico introduces Xavin a member of a shape shifting race of aliens which will become more important in Phase 5. The idea is essentially a story of kids determining right and wrong, realising their parents are members of a subset of Hydra.

On September 24, 2013, Pearce revealed that the film is currently shelved due to the success of The Avengers, but also suggested it could see a release at some point in the future.

Captain America 4; Fallen Son (2021)
Following the death of Captain America, Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier) has taken up the position of Captain America. Struggling with deciding whether he is destined to be a hero or villain the story follows Bucky as he attempts to track down the remaining members of Hydra as a sinister revenge plot by Baron Zemo unfolds. This would also introduce S.W.O.R.D which would become a bigger role in Phase 5.

The Defenders; Atlantis Attacks (2021)
Hulk, Doctor Strange and Luke Cage team together as they discover the existence of Namor and attempt to prevent a war between Atlantis.


Guardians Of The Galaxy 3; Annihilation: Conquest (2022)
The cosmic Marvel superheroes band together against the Phalanx a race of Cybernetic beings threatening to convert the universe. This story would feature the death of Star Lord

Heroes for Hire(2022)
Black Panther, Falcon, Iron Fist and Ant-Man are hired by S.W.O.R.D to investigate a plot that could result in the release of a virus that will wipe out all super-humans.

In January 2013, Marvel Television executive Jeph Loeb said that Marvel Studios is considering making a film adaptation of Heroes for Hire.

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Heroes for Hire without Luke Cage? C'mon now.

I think Heroes for Hire honestly works better as a TV show too. There's a lot of formats they can do stuff in, and that's just one that fits the Heroes for Hire formula in.

I'm fine with the other choices, but here's what I honestly have in mind for the next Captain America movie:

Captain America: Secret War
The idea would kind of follow Scarilian's idea of Fallen Son, but a bit differently. In the wake of the death of Captain America following Civil War, and in the wake of the alien/galactic threats introduced in Infinity War, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) puts together a team to go and deflect an oncoming war between the Kree Empire and the Chitauri from impacting Earth. Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), Natasha Romanov (Scarlett Johansson), and Carol Danvers (Anna Torv?).

After Civil War (which, I assume, leaves with Captain America's death), I feel like there is a need for the characters that would presumably be impacted the most by Cap's death to be sent on a mission (one that would eventually result in the formation of SWORD). Bucky, Sam and Natasha were the closest to Steve and would be a good transition into the franchise. Clint is thrown in because he needs more general screentime anyways, and Carol has a strong military background that would serve well in this. Ideally, Sebestian Stan would take up the mantle as Captain America, but seeing as how Marvel has made their new Captain the Falcon, I could deal with Sam taking on the role as well.

The Kree-Skrull War is a classic Avengers storyline...but probably will not be worth devoting the actual Avengers name to. Captain America is the perfect place to do this storyline in, since his movies have always had a more "broad universe" aspect to them (Winter Soldier especially). Plus, since the Red Skull was last seen teleporting into space courtesy of the Tesseract, it makes sense that he'd be the erstwhile leader of the fractured Chitauri since the Other got killed by Ronan and Thanos is presumably dead after Infinity War.

Anna Torv was fantastic on Fringe, and I think she has some serious acting chops. She fits the casting style of Marvel movies (actors that have a risk but have great potential, often from television or b-list movies), she has a natural beauty to her, but she also has a look that commands respect. She fits the character Carol Danvers is pretty perfectly.

Also, while I'm doing some wishful thinking, Fantastic Four. I've said before how they really need to be a part of a universe to succeed, and I think Fox is stalling with what they have right now for their Fantastic Four movie. I think there's some serious negotiations underway, because right now, absolutely nothing really seems to be going on for this movie. We're told the cast list and that principle photography was wrapped two months ago for a movie that's being released summer next year?

I've said it before above, but Benedict Cumberbatch would make such a better Doctor Doom than a Doctor Strange. I'd love him in that role. And with Reed Richards in tow, the Illuminati can actually form (Tony, Dr. Strange, Reed, Hank, Banner, T'Challa) and we can have that whole can of worms to look forward to.

Also, I'm pretty sure that Marvel is going to do something with Miles Morales in the MCU very soon. For those who don't know, Miles is the "replacement" Spider-Man and is currently the only single hero to still have his comic book in the Ultimate Universe. There's a huge event recently in which both universes are colliding. Miles actually gets introduced into the 616 All-New X-Men's book, and from what it looks like, it seems like he'll be a canon immigrant into the 616 universe. Even more importantly, Miles is not owned by Sony. He was created after the original deal was made, and Sony has not renegotiated for the character. While he might not be able to be called Spider-Man, he definitely is being groomed for something.

Finally, I can't see how Marvel won't end Phase Four without doing Avengers: Disassembled, which they can now do completely now that Scarlet Witch is a main character and they have nearly all of the Avengers that they need (outside of Spider-Man and Wolverine) to do the story justice. That movie will have major ramifications going forward into Phase 5...if they get that far.

Marvel runs the risk of having people tire out on superhero movies. I know that a lot of people are already feeling the fatigue. But in the very least, the movies are still good; all they need to do is continue to be good and branch out into other genres and they should do just fine.

Hey guys, we have our new Spider-Man:

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Marvel hasn't gone wrong with their casting so far, he must be good