Marvel's Avengers - E3 2019

So, two years ago we received a teaser for an Avengers game developed by Crystal Dynamics (makers of the new Tomb Raider series) and published by Square Enix.

Yesterday, at Square’s E3 2019 press conference we were finally given our first look at this new game.

Reveal Trailer:

Full Premiere:

The game is said to be a multiplayer action-adventure game where players can take control of one of the Avengers and play through various regions of the Marvel universe, all within a cinematic campaign story.

There will be 5 characters upon release (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Black Widow), but it has been announced that more characters, along with more story content, will be added at no additional charge on a regular basis. Hank Pym was briefly shown off at the end of the conference.

The game contains no loot boxes and no pay-to-win scenarios.

It’s set for release on May 15, 2020 on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Stadia. PlayStation users will receive beta access (with a pre-order of the game) and exclusive content not yet revealed. There will be a playable demo of the game on the show floor.

I’ve been excited for this game for quite some time, and tuned in to Squenix’s conference especially for it. I’m still excited to play it, especially with my friends, and the talent behind this game has me pumped.

There’s already been some controversy of the character designs, but personally I don’t mind. What I really can’t wait to see is the gameplay from the show floor once the conferences are over.

Go ahead and discuss your thoughts and opinions here!


It looks awesome. I am alittle sceptical when it comes of the animation and voice acting, but I will most likely get it.
Also, is it supposed to be related to the MCU?

I can understand that. For me, the character designs are a little off in some instances, but from what I could see the actual gameplay animations look perfectly fine. There are sacrifices that need to be made to support the multiplayer, I assume.

The voice cast is actually excellent. Troy Baker (known for a lot of Batman voice work, and the voice of Hawkeye in Avengers Assemble) is playing Bruce Banner, Nolan North is Tony Stark, and Critical Role stars Travis Willingham as Thor and Laura Bailey as Black Widow (both of whom already play those characters in the Avengers Assemble TV show and other Marvel media). Seriously, look any of them up on IMDb and you’ll be impressed by the amount you’ll recognize them.

Only person I don’t know or particularity care for is the guy who voices Cap, Jeff Schine. He’s apparently not well-known, but I’m willing to give him a chance.

No. Much like Marvel’s Spider-Man, this game is its own thing. Obviously influences have been taken from the MCU (the line-up, similar costume designs), but that’s only because the MCU is so popular that those concepts have become nearly synonymous with the characters.

[spoiler]I also have a hunch this game might actually be in the same universe as Marvel’s Spider-Man. In that game, Spidey mentions at one point that the Avengers rarely use Avengers Tower in New York, and that he thinks they’re currently somewhere on the West Coast.

In the Avengers trailer, the Avengers are celebrating A-Day in San Francisco, on the West Coast. That and the fact the game is similarly titled, being Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Avengers.

Coincidence? I think not. [/spoiler]


Costumes look pretty bad, especially Cap’s. I’m a bit worried about how the story is going to fare.


Good news is that every hero is fully customizable. You can change the outfits of every one to suit your liking.

######Also, Cap “dies” at the very beginning, so don’t sweat it.

Out of curiosity, besides Cap, which ones don’t you like? You can’t mess up Hulk, Black Widow’s costume is near identical to almost any other version of the character (and is also nearly impossible to mess up), Iron Man is basically the MCU Mark 43 with a comic-styled face plate, and Thor is…well, he’s just Thor as as well, with no helmet.

That’s my take at least. But don’t worry, I agree that Cap’s armor, while realistic and tactical, just feels off when he’s standing still.


I guess it’s also the character models themselves. Their faces look too blocky to me. It’s pretty unnatural. Spider-Man PS4 had this same issue. Everyone just looks kinda… Uncanny.


Yeah I get that. Doesn’t bother me too much tho

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I dunno about this… I need to see more villains…

And I’m a little afraid that this could be a disappointment after the legend that is Spider-Man, but who knows?

Hot take: the newest Spider-Man wasn’t that great either.

In the end, though, it’s the gameplay that really matters. Hopefully we can finally see that soon, I’ve been waiting for it ever since they mentioned it at the reveal.

That’s probably the hottest take out there, Cronk. :laughing:

EDIT: So, apparently the gameplay was private, which really sucks considering we won’t be seeing this game again until the beta. But, we did get gameplay descriptions from Game Informer, which I have linked here.

I still need to see things for myself, and the game still has nearly a year of development time left. I’ll be waiting anxiously, I suppose.

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why cant i get any of the good marvel games on the switch

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Ultimate Alliance 3 is looking really awesome. That’s a Switch exclusive.

But my guess is these kinds of games are graphically too complex for the Switch to run in handheld mode. The Witcher 3, for instance, has apparently been significantly downgraded in terms of the visuals to be ported to Switch.

It literally took me until I saw Thanos’ red eyes to be certain that it wasn’t just reformatted Future Fight