Masaru Harabuki Shinobi Toa (WIP)

So I decide to make a WIP Moc of a Shinobi for a new place in my Canon called Arika
Heres what he looks like right now


The Swords on His Back come off Just by putting his hands on the Axles then Pushing then You can Pose him

I have added some Pieces to the back of the Feet to fill the gaps in the back (the other two are left empty because I him to have a Meditation Function

Switched the Shoulder Armour because I cannot find a clear piece

And I made the Legs and space near it less clunky also gave him a better underpart of the armour (but I might put the legs out a bit so they cannot fall off easier) also changed the leg design

Clan titles

  1. Haribuki (this is for Masaru)
  2. Aurora (Maybe for the Light Ninja)
  3. Lotuina (Water or Fire)
  4. Xaotin (Shadow Ninja Okay)

The Custom Mask is a Problem because I cannot use plastic (I wish there was a Mask Making Software)

Can you guess the Ninja I based Masaru off?
here’s a Hint its is not a Character from Naruto (sorry but I am not a Fan of it I was more into DRAGONBALL)


7/10 since its a WIP, Nice!

@Whaddons Huribuki (it sounds cool!)

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Thank you Also
do you have a Choice of what clan he will be?
and what will his name be?

Put him in this Clan just 'cause.

His name shall be Paco El Diez

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This one.

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I vote this one.^^^

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I vote Haribuki.

As for the given name, I choose Masaru, which mean Victory in Japanese.


Grey, silver and transparent lime green 12/10

That one

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The camera quality isn’t great, but on the other hand, I really like this.

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a MOC with Kali sticks?


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I LOVE that name thanks @SammySpartan