Mask Maker Makuta

My MOC of Makuta’s Mask Maker form before he was corrupted. Sadly I could not make it exact as some parts simply do not exist in purple. Heck, I might even have all the colors wrong and he’s actually pink. Who knows?


Not too much to say, but I quite like how he looks!

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This has been done so many times that it has gotten extremely overdone. Not that its bad, it’s just overdone


I just really wanted to make a Mask Maker Makuta for myself.


He actually is purple as shown in the Makuta contest video…anyways there really is not much to it…it is a simple, perhaps overused concept but alas executed with impunity and bravourness.

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This, basically, but at least your pictures are good.
(Unlike some of these)

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I try to strive for quality in all my images.

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Well, its exactly the same as every other Protector Makuta MOC ever, of all time.

But hey, nice photography. Looks great.


I keep reading the title as ‘Mister Maker Makuta’…

As others have said, this isn’t much different from other Protector-sized Makuta Mocs. Photography is :ok_hand:


I mean it is just a purple clone of Ekimu. Pretty accurate.

I do like makuta and that means i like this moc

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That’s some sound logic right there :smiley:

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What sets (besides Mask Maker versus Skull Grinder) did you use to make this?

Onua Uniter, Umarak the Hunter and Terak I believe.