Mask Namer Contest [CONTEST OVER!]

So I made this mask that has a sideways picture, and I can’t figure out what it should do. So, whoever can give the best name and power of the mask will get a drawing of them wearing it and will be featured in a special project. Ready… Go!

EDIT: Contest ends December 10


The Mask Of Punching
(It has a Fist on the Mask)


The Mask of Echolocation

(Stringer’s “speaker” armor in the middle could represent a sensory device, and the overall creepy/barebones vibe of the mask reminds me of a bat)

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The Kanohi Taringa, the mask of Hearing.

(I saw the bat ears and the Stringer speaker, which can be used to amplify sounds to the wearer.)

You’re welcome! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Quick thing, contest ends December 10.

The Kanohi Kulagahikimonoslochimanarigimontagurista, the Mask of Jumbled Messes.

Allows the user to take nearby objects and crush them into a jumbled mess.


WOW that name is more confusing than Supercalafradigisticexpialdouscus

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Just read is slowly and you’ll be able to read the mask.

Kanohi Mandavi, Mask of Charisma (from the Latin, meaning to command or commission)

This mask amplifies the user’s voice and has a mental effect on all those who hear it, making them more likely to favour the user until they joined the user’s cause. The mask cannot make someone believe something they would not normally think.

Due to the fact it kinda resembles Trinuma a bit, and the speaker bit on the front. Plus the name sounds a bit like “mandible”, which the mask has.


Contest over!

The winner is…

Drumroll please!



@Gringat! PM me to receive your prize!