Mask of Creation concept (no full Artakha artwork)

Hi all,
So I was going to enter the art contest this time around but I’ve had other IRL priorities so it’s not looking likely at this stage. I did, however, finish an outline for the Mask of Creation so I though I would at least share that, as well as the creative process that went into it.

There’s still a slim chance that I’ll submit an entry with this, but it’s unlikely - it seems a bunch of people more able than me have gone for the concept I would have (mirroring the Karzahni artwork, although I would have gone for more contrast than clone, I think).
If anyone would like to use it in their own entry, I’m completely ok with that as long as the mods are too.

Hope you enjoy! :wink:

Here it is!
My main inspiration behind this mask was the fact that none of the ones I had seen so far really felt like they actually hearkened to the description, in my opinion. (Not to say there haven’t been some epic designs regardless, though).

Specifically, this bit:
“The metallic protodermis from which it was forged was arranged in intricate patterns and designs, each reflecting one of the many cultures that flourished in the universe.”

That says to me more than “slap on a bunch of runes/pretty shapes and call it a day.” It should really be symbolic in its design, not just because its been written all over. It should be super detailed with subtle flourishes all over.

So I went in that direction, and also tried to model it after the G2 mask, which should be apparent. I chose gold for consistency with the other legendary masks, the G2 mask, and to suggest that it was created for Artakha. Here’s an image highlighting the design statements hidden within the mask:

I kind of went overboard, but that’s kind of the point, when you read the description. For a final touch, seeing as Artakha was often mistaken for Mata Nui, I wanted to put a hint towards the greatest mask in the series in the design of the Great Beings first Legendary Kanohi. I’m sure some of you have already spotted it by now:

Here’s the multi-perspective view (I’d add a colour version if I change my mind and end up doing a full entry). I struggled a lot with the top view, thanks to the vagueness of the Metru Nui colliseum’s proportions:

And that’s all! I’d love to know your thoughts on this design, and if anyone would have actually voted for it if I did make a proper entry. (I’m also well aware this would be the absolute bane of 3D modelers if it got through, lol. Sorry!) Again, as long as the mods are cool with it, I’m totally cool if people want to use it themselves, too. Thanks for your time!


A bit of a correction: No seven-letter word could be Bionicle.

All of the other flourishes are well thought-out, but the end result is… Meh. Less interesting of a mask design that KhingK’s or even the G2 MoC.


Awesome design. For now, it is one pf the Greatest Masks of Creation I’ve seen (Top-3, at least). Ideas are great, representations of cultures are unique. Please make an entry of it! Would’ve voted for it for sure. Only 1 concern: how to attach it to a head?


it’s a little incohesive, but still very interesting


The void is a little too high, making it difficult to fit on a metru/mata head. Here’s a sheet for reference.


I really don’t see the island of mata Nui in it, but it looks pretty cool. Love all the little references, though some are s bit of a stretch – ragged edge for the zyglak, for example.


I love this and all the little references, especially the Zyglak. (Someone acknowledges their existance)

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Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Much appreciated.

I completely agree, actually. I drew it as the description read to me, rather than just giving myself free reign. And I feel like a design such as this is pretty similar to what that description conjures up in my head.

The side profiles also show that it’s much less “messy” from either side’s perspective. It’s just a bit overwhelming front-on.

I actually used that sheet when creating the design, don’t worry. The void is intentionally sitting over the mouth, making a conventional connection impossible.

This was done because I felt that if there’s any time to create a mask that’s less doable as a physical model, it’s for one that appears in art and not in the MoC (especially because KhingK already made a great design that goes with the MoC - if this were to be a winning design, I wouldn’t want to feel like I’ve somehow reduced the value of his work, because it’s great in a very different way).

I tried a few mouthguard designs, and they all looked pretty ugly, and I thought that if the Vahi can leave the top of the face exposed, why not have the Mask of Creation leave the lower half exposed?

Again, I did say that this mask would probably be pretty scary for 3D modelers. Maybe some creative use of the axle could affix it, though - it sweeps pretty far back.

Yeah, that’s kind of an justification for including Mata Nui’s coastline along the side, aha. The Zyglak are the “Great Beings Mistakes”, so I thought a molten, misshapen part of the design would be more representative of them as a “culture” than just slapping on teeth or spears, anyway. And there’s kind of a nice hidden meaning in the fact that this “mistake” on the Great Beings mask is actually also a great secret.

Facepalm Tahu
The fact that I mentally double-checked this like five times makes it all the more embarassing.


I love this mask and the symbolism, basically covers most of the things in the Matoran Universe, probably one of my top 5 mask designs so far.
How would it connect to a head?

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maybe it could have liftarms sticking out of the back that could connect to the brainstalk axle of a metru head? similar to g2 masks but more secure

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Cue the piano notes of Nathan Furst’s ”Unity, Duty, Destiny”:

While I personally envision the Mask of Creation as looking more like that of Gen 2’s and KhingK’s designs, this is a great achievement. I appreciate all the thought you’ve put into it, and it makes me want the boundaries of meaning that can be incorporated into the Mask to be pushed further than I had previously thought-out.

Nice job.:+1:


I like the design, but you kind of have to read the description to really appreciate it. I do love the design now that I have read it though.


Maybe it would connect to a glatorian head, like a helmet. It would make sense too, since Artakha is extermely ancient, and the glatorian/great being species is older than the matoran species.

Something like this, perhaps:
Screenshot 2020-10-23 at 9.50.52 AM


This… this is BEAUTIFUL. Summarizes the Matoran universe perfectly. A stunning work of art. Forever my headcannon.

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Wow, thanks. Glad you like it so much!

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